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PG PORN: ROADSIDE ASS-SISTANCE continues to climb, now at over 310,000 hits!  But we want to go even higher, so please continue to pass along to your friends through whatever means necessary – post, email, bulletin, and blog!

And, of course, watch it again HERE


So recently I posted a guest blog for Jarret Wiesleman over at PopWrap called 10 MOVIES YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN AND PROBABLY NEVER HAVE.  As I explain there, I only chose movies that had less than 3,000 votes on IMDB, thereby insuring that most of you had never seen them before.  You should still check out the PopWrap blog here, as I give a lot more info on each of the ten films, but I thought I’d post for you guys the list of 25 films from which I had to choose.  I know some of you have seen some of these movies, but most of you haven’t seen most of them.  Here they are, in order of year of release:

1.    HAXAN: WITCHCRAFT THROUGH THE AGES (1922) – written and directed by Benjamin Christensen

2.     HAIL THE CONQUERING HERO (1944) written and directed by Preston Sturges

3.    THE GUNFIGHTER (1950) – directed by Henry King/screenplay by William Bowers & William Sellers (story by William Bowers & Andre De Toth)

4.    ROOM AT THE TOP (1959) – directed by Jack Clayton/screenplay by Neil Paterson from a novel by John Braine

5.    THE NAKED KISS (1964) – written and directed by Samuel Fuller

6.    MUDHONEY (1965) – directed by Russ Meyer/screenplay by W.E. Sprague from a novel by Raymond Friday Locke

7.    TITICUT FOLLIES (1967) – directed by Frederick Wiseman

8.    PRETTY POISON (1968) – directed by Noel Black/screenplay by Lorenzo Semple Jr.

9.    IL GRANDE SILENZIO (1968) – directed by Sergio Corbucci/screenplay by Mario Amendola, Bruno Corbucci, Sergio Corbucci, Vittoriano Petrilli

10.    SALESMAN (1968) – directed by Albert Maysles, David Maysles, and Charlotte Zwerin

11.    BOB & CAROL & TED & ALICE (1969) – directed by Paul Mazursky/screenplay by Paul Mazursky & Larry Tucker

12.    TURKISH DELIGHT (1974) – directed by Paul Verhoeven/screenplay by Gerard Soeteman from a novel by Jan Wolkers

13.    OBSESSION (1976) – directed by Brian DePalma/screenplay by Paul Schrader, story by Brian De Palma and Paul

14.    THE WANDERERS (1979) – directed by Philip Kaufman/screenplay by Rose Kaufman & Philip Kaufman, from a novel by Richard Price

15.    BASKET CASE (1982) – written and directed by Frank Henenlotter

16.    SUPERSTAR: THE KAREN CARPENTER STORY (1987) – written and directed by Todd Haynes

17.    THE RACHEL PAPERS (1989) – directed by Damian Harris/ screenplay by Damian Harris from a novel by Martin Amis

18.    LIFE IS SWEET (1991) – written and directed by Mike Leigh

19.    THE NAKED KILLER (1992) – directed by Clarence Fok Yiu-leung/ screenplay by Jing Wong

20.    THE HEROIC TRIO (1993) – directed by Johnny To/screenplay by Sandy Shaw

21.    RED TO KILL (1994) – directed by Hin Sing ‘Billy’ Tang/screenplay by Ho Wa Wong

22.    THE DAYTRIPPERS (1997) – written and directed by Greg Mottola

23.    MIAMI BLUES (1990) – directed by George Armitage/screenplay by George Armitage from a screenplay by Charles Wileford

24.    FONG SAI YUK (1993) – directed by Corey Yuen/screenplay by Kung-Yung Chai, Kin Chung Chan, and Jay On

25.     CHUCK AND BUCK (2000) – directed by Miguel Arteta/screenplay by Mike White


Go watch ROADSIDE … again!

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