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I Answer My Own Questions of the Day

For a long time on my Twitter page, I posted a Question of the Day nearly every day, to which many of you responded.  Recently I’ve run out of questions to ask, so I’ve resorted to a Song of the Day on my my Blip.fm page

Whatever the case, I’ve saved up all my answers to all the most recent questions.  Here they are

Is Terra’s necklace in this photo: a) Completely fucking hideous, B) Pretty fucking hideous, or c) Rad?

The answer is b.  However, some of your answers for this were pretty funny, such as “it looks like one of those traps from SAW” or one of the 47 Stargate references.

What’s the most underrated thing of all time?

That would be Sweden’s the Second Band.  They ought to be enormous.

How many people have you said “I love you” to (in the romantic relationship sense)?

The average answer here was two or three.  My answer is 11.  I think the person who said the most, besides myself, was a woman with 7 (obviously a slut). I pretty much meant it every single time but in looking back, I think I was only really in love seven times (which many of you might disagree with as you have this "once in a lifetime" belief.)


Who is the most important mind of the past 150 years (examples: Freud, Darwin, Brett Michaels)?

The answer is definitely Albert Einstein. Darwin is supremely important, but he discovered things that would have been discovered eventually by someone else if he didn’t.  Freud is important too, because he really changed the way we think about ourselves as human beings (i.e. we now walk around believing we have this thing called an unconscious mind, that influences our choices, thoughts, and desires).  But, again, other people were skirting around those types of thoughts.  But Einstein came up with the theory of relativity out of seemingly nowhere – without him, there’s a good chance that it STILL wouldn’t be defined.

What was your worst injury ever?

When I was a very young man I got into a fight with a guy on the streets of downtown St. Louis.  I ended up getting dragged down a brick road alongside a car, and landed on my face.  My two front teeth were broken in half, and burst through my lip.  I had a concussion and completely fucked up my right hand.  I looked like the elephant man.

That said, I also tore a disc in my back – and that was probably worse, as it caused more long-lasting problems.

Me, Jane Jensen, Stevie Blackehart at the Cannes Film Festival about ten years ago!

Did you do anything yesterday you wish you hadn’t done?

Yes.  I went to eat lunch with my old friend Jane Jensen, who played Juliet in my first film, TROMEO & JULIET. We wanted to eat somewhere along Sunset Boulevard where she was staying, and we decided to grab a bite at the Saddle Ranch.  That’s the first thing I regret.  The second thing I regret is that I ordered the tuna wrap, which was a sort of very fishy tuna floating in some sort of mayo water soup.  It was horrible.  I regret not just getting the pancakes that I actually wanted, and trying to make the healthy choice.

How often do you poop?

Once a day (your answers ranged from two or three times a day to once every four days.)

Have you ever walked out of a movie theater in the middle of a film and, if so, what film?

Yes, 1998’s GODZILLA.  I’m not sure if I’ve ever walked out of another movie, but there are some I wish I did.  I turn off DVD’s 20 minutes in all the time, however.

Would you punch a penguin in the face for 5,000 dollars?

Absolutely not.

Would you personally slice an innocent stranger’s throat to save the lives of the 2 people closest to you?

Yes, in a heartbeat.

Would you slice the throats of TWO innocent people to save the life of the ONE person you love the most?

Harder to say (and do), but probably.

Does the recording of Christian Bale yelling make you less likely to run out and see his next movie?

Yes, although it wouldn’t STOP me from seeing his next movie.  I thought Bale’s apology was classy, and that helped as well.  That said, I was rather disgusted by the amount of people who responded that Bale’s rant was “justified.”  Frankly, I wouldn’t want to have to work with any of you.  I don’t give a shit what someone has done, nobody has the right to act like that on set, which is an assault not only on the intended person, but the entire cast and crew as well.  There are many, many better ways to handle things.  (And I’m not saying never yell – God knows, I yell on occasion.)

What is your least favorite food?

Black licorice.  Root beer comes in second.  Anything is delicious compared to those two feces-foods.

If a 190 pound adult human male and a full grown badger were put in a pit and forced to fight to the death, who would win?

At first I thought it would be the human, but many of you informed me that badgers go straight for the ‘nads, which made me reconsider.  Still, I think if a man went in knowing something about badger behavior, he’d be able to gouge that fucker’s eyes out and win the fight.  He’d be permanently mauled, though.


What’s your earliest memory and how old were you?

I liked reading the answers to these: supposedly your first memory tells you a lot about how you see the world. 

Me, I was under two years old.  I had opened the cabinet in my kitchen, and was stealing Bacos off the lazy Susan.  I was also turning the lazy Susan as fast as I could because it looked magical when it revolved.

What’s your favorite novel?

I can’t pick one.  The Last Gentleman, by Walker Percy, Ask the Dust by John Fante, Arthur Rex by Thomas Berger, and Flaubert’s Parrot by Julian Barnes are a few.

Choose ONE superpower – either invisibility, flying, superstrength, IQ of 1,000, stretchy power, telepathy, or laser-blasting eyes.

Invisibility is tempting.  But I’d have to go with super-strength.  A billion of you said you’d choose the IQ of 1,000 and give yourselves those other superpowers.  That seems unlikely.  People with extremely high IQ’s usually just seem lonely and fucked up and perhaps even more confused than the rest of us.  Bad choice: you get to scribble, alone in your room, while someone else is flying around over the Grand Canyon, stupid and happy as fuck.

What would you rate your job from 1 to 10?

You fuckers all made me feel like an ungrateful piece-of-shit.  I would say 8 today.  I think back a month ago when I posted this question, it was 7.  I’m not the most easily satisfied dude in the world, but at least I’m on the upswing.




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