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Favorite All-Time YouTube Comedy Clips Part 1

My brother Brian Gunn, the co-creator of PG PORN, is a fanatical collector of online clips.  What follows are his ALL-TIME FAVORITE COMEDY CLIPS ON YOUTUBE.  I agree heartily with all of these, but have marked the ones that would also be on my favorites list with an *.   I’ll post others from the Brian Gunn Collection soon.






BORAT SHOPPING (Deleted Scene from Movie):
























See you back here Sunday with Part 2 of Brian Gunn’s Favorite All-Time YouTube Comedy Clips, and more.  



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  • John Betz

    Extras was the funniest shit ever, Patrick Stuart was great, the bloopers alone deserve to be viewed over and over…

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  • Oops! I meant – finished!

  • However, it was kind of funny how right when the guy says Pinky’s a nice, loving cat, the cat freaks out and ends up digging his claws into the guy. Pinky was probably trying to climb up the guy so he could hide, like I said. I DID get the joke aspect of it too… and only commented after reading a few other comments about it. I’m finsihed now ;)

  • Ah! I thought I saw that video here before. Then I thought maybe I just thought I did, since I saw it on Facebook too! :)

    About Pinky… The cat was obviously spooked by something, so calling out his name a few times, then telling him to settle down isn’t going to accomplish anything. And trying to throw a box over him will just scare him more. Idiots! (They’re supposed to be experts?) Surprised the poor cat didn’t get choked by the leash and collar. They would have been better off if someone would have just grabbed him (and endured a few scratches) so they could swaddle him with their arms and let him hide his face in their body, so he could calm down and feel secure again. Mistakes like that bother me! Grr!

  • CinemaJunkie

    Pinky the cat…I think he’s on meth.

  • Heh heh. Yes, Caryl. After posting 23 videos, I had second thoughts. The load times were too long, and it seemed like a Hell of a lot of videos to watch in one sitting. So I’m posting PART II on Sunday, which does include Kittens Inspired by Kittens.

  • Hey! Wait a minute!! Didn’t you originally have the Kittens Inspired by Kittens video in this blog? I had to come back later to view all the videos and just realized it’s not here now! Maybe it never was?

  • That was fun! :)

  • Bayonetta

    Hahahaha. The asshat that had Pinky on a neck leash totally deserved the nut-claw.
    Poor kitty. Good on that cat.

  • Bill Pardys Doppelganger

    “Me too John Ritter, hey hello.”

    Good shit.

  • Maddy_Bauer

    What a wonderful way to waste one’s time ;). I remember that strong kids one, so silly! Man stroke Woman had some pretty cool sketches, I’ve been meaning to try and get a hold of more of them.

  • Great clips! I fucking love that “Mr. Show” sketch. Dino kicks so much ass (no fucking surprise to see his name associated with Demitri Martin’s great show). Another MS clip I love is the Pre-Taped Call In Show: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pWTREcSFEqI

    I fucking LOVE that “Larry Sanders” scene. I’ve been watching my “Not Just the Best of the Larry Sanders Show” DVD for the past couple of weeks. I REALLY wish they’d release the whole set on DVD. God bless the person across the pond who unloaded the whole series on the web, so we at least have those recordings. But fuck, having only the “Best of” set and the first season on DVD is a fucking shame.

    Speaking of “Larry Sanders” I thought of that classic scene in “Ellen, Or Isn’t She?” when Stevie and Larry talk about sleeping with a lesbian, when I read your twitter about your futile attempt at picking up Portia De Rossi. Here’s the addy for the scene for the folks unfamiliar (the gold is at around the five minute mark): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XHo2M1DS66I

    (Sorry for just posting the text of the links. I’m not sure if youtube embedding is allowed, or even possible, in comments.)

  • Tricialew

    That is exactly what I needed! I’m still laughing. I had completely forgotten about Patrick Stewart and that hilarious episode of Extras.