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6 All-Time Best YouTube SPORTS Videos

My brother, Brian Gunn, in addition to being the Co-Creator of PG PORN, was also the mind behind RED BIRD NATION that was, for many years, the top Cardinals baseball website, highly respected and often quoted in mainstream newspapers.  Eventually, tending to both a writing career and the online site became too much for Brian (something I maybe should have learned from), and he had to give it up.  All that said, I know few people that know more about Sports than he does — these are just a few of his All-Time Favorite YouTube Sports Videos, from his massive collection of online crap.  Me?  I could care less about most sports — but I can’t help but still love watching these fuckers:















Check back here tomorrow for Brian Gunn’s Favorite YouTube Music Clips!

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  • Tracy!

    WTF is a spelling bee video doing on here, dude thats not a sport.

  • Is it not real?

    Sorry mate, it’s soccer : )

  • If only the “soccer” one was real, I can’t believe I lowered myself to saying soccer, even with quotation marks, it’s football!!!

  • Man, that soccer one is ridiculously cool.

  • These videos are great! The soccer one is wildly incredible and impressive!

  • James – Oh no, I know. It was a spectacular play, very similar to the Stanford/Cal game in ’82:


    There’s a lot of other awesome sports moments, like Randy Johnson’s bird pitch:


  • npettz – Yes, we weren’t really focusing on the broadcaster. The 6 Best broadcasting moments is a different blog entirely. And Division 3 or little league, that’s still absolutely astounding.

    Betz – No, you met Patrick. Brian lives in L.A.

  • John Betz

    James is Brian the guy I met at Terras concert in NYC?

  • Yeah, the broadcaster was terrible. It also looked like nobody watching the game really gave a shit.

  • The broadcaster for the Trinity game was horrible. “THE GAME IS OVER! THE GAME IS OVER!” I think he said it like seven times.

    And also, nobody gives a shit about Division III!

  • That lateral play is so freaking crazy it looks fake.