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Brian Gunn’s Favorite YouTube Music Clips Part 1

More stuff from the collection of Brian Gunn’s All-Time Favorite YouTube Clips.  This is part one of Brian’s favorite music clips.


Donny Goines’ Segment 8

Brian Gunn says, "The second rapper, Homebody Sandman, is the best freestyler I’ve ever heard."

Alice in Wonderland Remix 


The Archies Sing God Save the Queen 


The Black Lips Perform Bad Kids 


The Jackson Five – I Want You Back/ABC


Bootsy Collin’s Badass Bass Solo 


Devo – Smart Patrol/Mr. DNA Live 


Kutiman – Mother of All Funk Chords

This is a mash-up of musical instructional videos on YouTube. 

Come back tomorrow to see Part Two in this series!


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  • Trying to catch up here! My favorite video is the Jackson Five one. I used to love watching the Jackson Five, anytime they were on TV, as a kid. I’ve even recently checked out some other J5 vids, a few months ago, that I like just as much, if not more – with Michael really getting into his dance moves. He was cute, and much more likable, as a child.

  • slappynipsy
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  • whoa, what a Bootsy Collins clip! hadn’t seen it before. my quality of life has improved. :) on another note, FYI there is a misplaced apostrophe in the heading for this video. jus’ sayin’. 8)

  • More tomorrow, guys – and much thanks to Brian for keeping me in web content while I’m in Schenectady.

  • CinemaJunkie

    I <3 Brian Gunn and his love of youtube.

  • ThatGermanGuy

    Yeah, I love the Alice In Wonderland one too. I think it’s from a French or Belgian artist who goes by the name of “Pogo”.

  • Maddy_Bauer

    That was meant to say “Didn’t really like much”. It’s true, one can’t function well on less than 2 hours sleep. Damn!

  • Maddy_Bauer

    Didn’t really much except for Mother Of All Funk Chords – that was AWESOME!