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My New Girlfriend

While in Schenectady with the Naomis, celebrating Passover (more on this soon), I made a few new friends.



And Daphne

I had a great time with all of them.  But Daphne seemed to form a special attachment to me, following me around for much of my trip, and slamming violently into the other dogs when I would try to pet them.  It soon became clear she saw me as her own.  While in bed I would often awaken to her monstrous gurgle-snorey breathing sounds, and peer down to see her staring up adoringly at me (completely true).

As I was the subject of Daphne’s obsession, she also became the subject of mine.  I began photographing her incessantly.  Daphne is keenly aware of her own Adriana Lima-esque beauty, and she posed lovingly for each and every one.  I thought I’d share them with you:



I’ll be back soon with Catholic Passover Stories, but, until then, I’ll leave you with Daphne, the night she got a little drunk –






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