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The (Hopefully) Star of the Next PG PORN – Voted by YOU!

In a recent blog I posted all my porn star video interviews from Spike, and offered you the chance to vote on which one you’d want to star in the next episode of JAMES GUNN’S PG PORN.  Well, the results are in!  And they’re utterly unexpected.

Here we go…

Tied for 9th place with one vote a piece are:


Savanah Sampson


Angelina Armani



And Madison Scott


And then we have…


Katsuni – 8th place – 2 votes


Riley Steele – 7th place – 3 Votes


Tera Patrick – 6th place/4 votes

Jessica Drake – 5th place/6 votes

Sunny Leone – 4th place-TIE/9 votes

Roxy DeVille – 4th place – Tie/9 votes

Jesse Jane – 3rd place/11 votes

Bobbi Starr – 2nd place/15 votes

The WINNER!!! – Meggan Malone – 1st place/17 votes

Yes, Meggan Malone is the porn star you guys most want to star in the next PG PORN.

You guys haven’t made this easy for me.  I know quite a few girls on this list, and Meggan Malone isn’t one of them.  I think the only words I’ve ever said to her outside of what was in the interview were, "Hey, I’m James," and "That was good – great job!"  I had never heard of her before interviewing her.

And, in truth, I’m a bit shocked by your selection, and your votes in general.  Jesse Jane and Tera Patrick are two of the most popular porn stars in the world today. Jesse pulled it through at the end (which is good to see because I DO want her in a future episode), but Tera barely registered.

Meggan is certainly a beautiful girl, but so are many of the others, including Sunny Leone and Riley Steele (and Riley only received TWO votes, one of which was from me, because I thought you guys were undervaluing her).  So I don’t believe it comes down to looks.

And I don’t really think Meggan’s interview was the most entertaining.  I think that would go to Jesse Jane for wackiness, Roxy DeVille for sense of humor, and Bobbi Starr for outlandish honesty.

I guess it just comes down to you guys having your own unique tastes and enjoying that really-don’t-give-a-shit attitude (which would explain why you’re at JamesGunn.com.)

So, as I said, you haven’t made it easy for me.  But James Gunn keeps his promises!  So I will do my very best to track down the wondrous Ms. Malone and offer her a role in the next PG PORN!

Meggan, if you’re reading this now, I will be attempting to contact you soon, no matter where you may be.  The PG PORN team will travel literally DOZENS of miles to find you!  And we will spare no expense (unless it’s over five hundred bucks) in the acquisition of your many talents!  The James Gunn Army has spoken.

See you soon,


PS Oh, and one more thing — just because some of these girls didn’t win this contest doesn’t mean they WON’T be in PG PORN.  A couple of them are already slated to be in episodes.  And, in fact, we may have a little surprise for you Roxy DeVille fans in the very next episode, HIGH POON, which will debut on Spike.com/pgporn Tuesday, April 28, and stars Serenity’s Alan Tudyk, Belladonna, and Ted Stryker.


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  • While always casting celebrities is probably a sound business decision, it feels like Mexican fast food after a while – some variation on beans, cheese and rice.

    Dick: Who’s Clooney in this one?
    Jane: I think he’s the beans.
    Dick: Pitt’s the cheese this time.
    Jane: Really? We haven’t really seen him play rice in such a long time.

  • Jesse is the winner in my heart.

  • Meggan Malone is a good choice. I was suprised to see that Tera and Jesse got a few votes. I guess PG Porn is more for “up and coming” stars (there’s a nice title for ya).
    So..you think you can get Tory Lane and/or Audrey Hollander to do a PG porn episode? Or maybe even a veteran star like Nina Hartley?
    That would be a blast!

    Yes I know my porn…

  • Kurt Fischer

    Yay, Meggan! I’m not overly familiar with porn stars, but I had seen photos of Meggan before and thought she was exceptionally attractive. (I prefer her pre-boob job pics, though.)

  • Ya know what? All those chicks are pretty hot.

  • SCSImatrix

    Who wouldn’t be excited about a Porn Star Matrix? If nothing else it’s just fun to say. Porn Star Matrix.

  • There were a couple of girls who were my top picks, and Roxy was one of them, so that’s cool she’s in the next PG Porn (wait… is that what you meant? Well, I’ll soon find out). And, I think Meggan is a fine pick too. Hopefully you can find and have her in an upcoming PG Porn episode for all of those who voted for her :)

  • Donnie – No, not at all. I didn’t take it like that whatsoever. I just got excited at the chance of talking about our Porn Star Matrix.

  • Donnie09

    Ah no worries, I didn’t mean to sound like I was arguing with your use of the word if thats how it came across.

  • SCSImatrix

    I was planning on voting for Meggan too(then Bobbi), but I forgot my password and blah blah blah (I’ve had it for like three days, idiot). I’ve never seen her before either. That may be why she won, not be cause I personally haven’t heard of her, lol, but I know that here in CT we see Tera on billboards all over promoting VIP stores. Maybe that’s why the votes were so low for her. She’s great, but who hasn’t seen her a gajillion times? I know I have.

  • amv86

    I don’t really watch or follow porn (beyond PG-PORN, of course) so it wasn’t popularity that determined my vote. It was definitely the “really-don’t-give-a-shit attitude”. I also realized that there is some percentage of me that is gay and into brunettes because my top three picks were Meggan Malone, Bobbi Starr, and Roxy DeVille. Either way, the voting was fun, but I really think most of these women would be interesting to see on a PG-PORN episode.

  • A) I love Bobbi, have known her for a while now and, yes, it was awful damn close.

    B) We have a PORN STAR MATRIX here at PG PORN (absolutely true) that ranks porn stars through a combination of their Google trends rating (online searches) as well as other online factors – their web site hits, number of Twitter/MySpace followers, etc, etc. And without a doubt Tera Patrick and Jesse Jane are far more sought out porn stars than most of the other girls on this list (as are some other past PG PORN stars, such as Jenna Haze). All that is to say, when I say “biggest stars”, I’m not just throwing words or perceptions out there — we actually have a way to measure it.

    In fact, I think in the future we may publish the PORN STAR MATRIX here on JamesGunn.com, because it’s a lot of fun and took countless hours of obsessive mathematics to create it.

  • Donnie09

    Aww so close for Bobbi. Hope she gets one someday!

    The thing with the ‘biggest’ stars is they tend to just do say one high budget movie and in the same time a star who isn’t on a huge salary contract will have done multiple web scenes so they get more exposure and presumeably a bigger following. At least thats my impression of it and I mean them no disrespect in saying that, I mean they must’ve been more popular at some point to get put on the big contracts in the first place.

    The only ones I’ve watched on that list are Bobbi & Katsuni. I still think Hillary Scott would be hillarious if you can get her someday!