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March of Dimes Tweetathon!

Today I will donate one dime to the March of Dimes for every new Twitter-follower I get.  So please pass the word around – and, more importantly, pass my Twitter page around.  It is:


Or go here.

 I posted the following on Twitter about twenty minutes ago: "I will donate one dime to the March of Dimes for every new follower I get today, up to $1,000. So Re-Tweet!"

My starting follower count was 10,139. So far I have 29 new Twitter followers. 

I’ll try to keep you updated in the comments below, as well as on Twitter.



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  • 7:35 pm
    1110 New followers

  • 4:34 pm
    838 new followers
    Slowing down!

  • Oh! Just left here, went back to Twitter, and less than half a second (as Twitter stated) after returning, you just posted your new tally of 746!

  • How many new followers do you have now? I sent out a RT of Terra’s RT (to get both of your names out there today, however I only have a handful of followers. Keeping it simple.)

  • 12:37 pm
    632 new followers

  • 11:15 am
    Tweetahon Tally
    535 new Followers

  • 9:11 am
    Tweetahon Tally
    220 new followers
    22 bucks for March of Dimes!