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The Top 35 Superheroes You Want to Have Sex With

According to yesterday’s poll on Twitter – in which I received hundreds of votes – here are the 35 superheroes and superheroines you guys most want to fuck…


1.    Wonder Woman

2.    Emma Frost

3.    Rogue

4.    Gambit

5.    She-Hulk

6.    Batman



9.    Catwoman

10.    Superman

11.    Power Girl

12.    Zatanna

13.    Psylocke

14.    Batgirl 

15.    Iron Man

16.    Dazzler

17.    Black Canary

18.    Kitty Pryde

19.    Supergirl

20.    Mr. Fantastic

21.    Phoenix

22.    The Black Cat

23.    Spider-Woman

24.    Spider-Man 

25.    Harley Quinn

26.    Ms. Marvel

27.    Huntress

28.    Faith the Vampire Slayer

29.    Caitlin Fairchild

30.    Storm

31.    The Comedian

32.    Tigra

33.    Motoko Kusangi

34.    Lady Death

35.    VooDoo

As for me, the last time we discussed this on Twitter I picked Tigra and Ms. Marvel… 

And I’ve always found Supergirl appealing, but I’d be afraid she’d squish my penis…

So this time I think I’ll have to go with…


Dagger!! (She’s the one on the left.)

Wait a second. After someone sent me some pics of the new, improved, evil Mary Marvel, I think I might need to change my vote to her!


The End!


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