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The Top 35 Superheroes You Want to Have Sex With

According to yesterday’s poll on Twitter – in which I received hundreds of votes – here are the 35 superheroes and superheroines you guys most want to fuck…


1.    Wonder Woman

2.    Emma Frost

3.    Rogue

4.    Gambit

5.    She-Hulk

6.    Batman



9.    Catwoman

10.    Superman

11.    Power Girl

12.    Zatanna

13.    Psylocke

14.    Batgirl 

15.    Iron Man

16.    Dazzler

17.    Black Canary

18.    Kitty Pryde

19.    Supergirl

20.    Mr. Fantastic

21.    Phoenix

22.    The Black Cat

23.    Spider-Woman

24.    Spider-Man 

25.    Harley Quinn

26.    Ms. Marvel

27.    Huntress

28.    Faith the Vampire Slayer

29.    Caitlin Fairchild

30.    Storm

31.    The Comedian

32.    Tigra

33.    Motoko Kusangi

34.    Lady Death

35.    VooDoo

As for me, the last time we discussed this on Twitter I picked Tigra and Ms. Marvel… 

And I’ve always found Supergirl appealing, but I’d be afraid she’d squish my penis…

So this time I think I’ll have to go with…


Dagger!! (She’s the one on the left.)

Wait a second. After someone sent me some pics of the new, improved, evil Mary Marvel, I think I might need to change my vote to her!


The End!


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  • Maazen

    this one should suit better!


  • Maazen

    (sorry for the large image – didn’t know the wouldn’t be resized)

  • Maazen

    i am wondering why vampirella didn’t make. was she even considered?

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  • Motoko is an great choice. I don’t know about the whole andriod thing, but then again I had a thing for Dax on Deep space nine. You could say I am only for looks and physicality.

  • Minute Man got some votes but he unfortunately didn’t make the list.

  • Jolly

    I’m just shocked that Minute Man didn’t get any votes.

  • I still like my pick, Colossus. What I barely know of his character; in the Marvel comics being portrayed as a quiet, shy character, honest and innocent – Also a talented artist, who only reluctantly agrees to use his powers in combat, feeling it is his responsibility to use his abilities for the ‘betterment’ of human and mutant-kind… that’s enough to turn me on, lol. Plus, he has natural strength beyond his powers! ;)

    Cool pics throughout! It’s a shame some of them were taken off of photobucket, then some. But, I see they’re all here now! :)

  • MsSeven

    Oh, and Iron Man? ouch!

  • MsSeven

    Erin – Gambit is freaking hot! Who cares what his power is, he could shoot flowers out of his ass and I’d still bone him senseless!

  • OnEDGE

    Mmmmm, Dazzler brings the glow. Glad to see she placed rather well. Storm shoulda been way higher. Damn racists!

  • I forgot. Really? Batman before Wolverine? He’s so gay. Hum.. unless guys voted for him. Oh, now I get it. Never mind.

  • Ms Marvel fighting Tigra looks like Daryl Hannah doesn’t she?

  • She can shoot lightning from her breasts. That’s impressive in my book.

  • I had voted for Mary Marvel (of COURSE, and pre-black latex, when she was virginal). She didn’t make the cut, but the Comedian did- a rapist, sexist, racist, murderer psychopath. And not a virginal teenage girl in a mini skirt. Mary Marvel got me through puberty. Am I on the wrong planet?
    Glad for the change of heart.

    I’ll tuck my geek back in now.

  • Looks like Tiny Pic did not work either…image is gone.

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  • That’s frustrating. Photobucket keeps taking down my pics – which a) Are fucking cartoons! and b) are not even close to naked! So far they’ve gotten a Wonder Woman, a Jean Grey, and a VooDoo. This happened also with my equally-clothed photos of porn stars. Anyone have a less restrictive alternative to Photobucket?

  • Lol, I had those same thoughts when I saw The Comedian on here.

    So nice to see so many of my picks made the list.

    Apparently the image you chose for Phoenix was too hot for Photobucket. It says it violated their terms of use. I always liked Phoenix when she was part of Excalibur in that red skintight outfit with the studs.

  • James…yeah…the Comedian. I was left a little shocked. Granted, this is a list of fictional cartoon characters we want to have sex with, so it isn’t like the vters were naming, say, Ted Bundy. But…yikes, of all the Watchmen…the rapist comes out in the lead? Wow. :)

  • erin

    Gambit??? And he ranked highest male? He’s one of the lamest characters X-Men churned out… his special powers were throwing playing cards and smoking. What the hell is sexy about that?
    Also, Comedian? Ok, yeah, aside from the rape thing, he looks like a heavily armed J. Jonah Jameson.

  • CinemaJunkie

    I prefer blue penis to rape any day. And Jim Lee’s version of The Black Canary totally gave me female wood. Yay for Harley Quinn being on the list Batman: The Animated Series was the shit.

  • Thom – What choice freaked you out? The Comedian?

  • Oh thank god, Jame… That choice freaked me out slightly.

  • Toni – I don’t think so, as many of the women specifically mentioned the comic.
    Heidi – Not as disproportionate as you might think. All of yesterday, Gambit and Batman were the top two vote getters by a great deal. There were equal amounts of male/female voters, but most of the women voted for one of three male heroes (Gambit, Wolvie, Batman), and MANY female voters voted for girls (Wonder Woman is number one because of women, and Mystique and Catwoman also scored highly with females – Power Chick, however, was almost all men). Anyway, there was too much beef at the top of the list so I made a request for more hetero male voters on Twitter last night, and was flooded with a second wave of chick-centered votes. Corrupt, perhaps? More pleasant photo-downloading experience for me? Definitely.

  • Da-yum. That pic of Wolverine is hawt. He’s definitely #1. You clearly had a disproportionate number of males answering that question.

  • tonicat

    The reason for the Comedian being on the list might be the hotness of the actor and not the character.
    I mean, I detest The Comedian but I absolutely think J.D Morgan is one of the hottest men alive today…

  • Evil Ray – Yes, I was hoping Triplicate Girl would get a few more votes and make it in – but it was not to be.

  • Goddammit! Was I the ONLY one who voted for Superteen? Come on, people!

  • nice to see Zatanna up there. Always loved those fishnets.



  • Evil Ray

    I’m very disappointed that Triplicate Girl didn’t chart.

  • Tee – It may be slightly more disturbing that the only Watchmen character to make the list was the one who RAPES A WOMAN (voted for by females, FYI).

  • Tee Spreck

    Impressive list, but a bit scared that some of the voters may have a secret sex dungeon locked away in their basements. ;)

  • FXguy1969

    I’m amazed that Mrs. Fantastic didn’t make the cut.

    I think I’d have her go invisible right before I jizzed inside her, just to see what it would look like.

    Dagger! :)

  • asil, I think you just answered your own questtion.

  • I don’t know my superheroes that well but it looks like to me some of these superheroes got created so they could go on a list like this, lol. Who the hell would want to fuck Harley Quin??? She was freaky in the cartoon series.

  • I was happy to see Harley Quinn on the list, I always thought she was awesome,she’s the only one I’ve ever really thought was cool. I’ve always been the one who finds the villans the best part of superhero stories, well, any stories, really. I didn’t participate in this one, but some of guys who I would pick are on there.

    not sure why, but I kind of get internet overload sometimes and end up staying off the computer for a week or two.

  • AgentDesmond

    It’s amazing how many X-Men make it on the list. I have to say though… I do love me some Black Widow.

  • I’m all about the giant womenz. maybe the ironically named shrinking violet? or any other 50 foot super heroine, or villainess. heh

  • phronk

    Oh man, I jerked off to that exact picture of Psylocke so many times when I was a kid.

    I’m disappointed to see Galactus left out, though. So much power!

  • LadyFrontbum

    Nice to see Gambit topped the list for the male superheroes. :D

  • Sorry about Faye Valentine. Obviously I don’t know my anime.
    And I agree; Black Canary should be higher.

  • Damn somehow Black Canary only got up to 17.

    Also, the picture you’ve got up for Motoko Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell is actually Faye Valentine from Cowboy Bebop. This is Kusanagi: