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The 11 Best Remakes of All-Time

Here of the results of today’s poll, where people on Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace voted for what they thought the Best Remake of All-Time was.  "Best" was defined as "the greatest leap forward in quality from the film it’s remaking."  What wasn’t defined was what a remake was.  For our purposes, "remake" includes films that are based solely on preceding films (i.e. THE DEPARTED, which was based on the Hong Kong movie INFERNAL AFFAIRS) and films that are based on content that was previously turned into a film (both THE THING and THE THING FROM ANOTHER WORLD were both based on the short story, Who Goes There?).

Also, I didn’t allow votes for my own film, DAWN OF THE DEAD.  Because most of the people who were answering were connected to me through social networking platforms, the film would have placed unfairly high.

Here’s what you guys voted for:


2. THE FLY (1986) from THE FLY (1958)




6. THE BLOB (1988) from THE BLOB (1958)

7. OCEAN’S ELEVEN (2001) from OCEAN’S ELEVEN (1960)



10. CASINO ROYALE (2006) from CASINO ROYALE (1967)

11. SCARFACE (1983) from SCARFACE (1932)

For the record, this is probably the online poll where I agree with voters the least.  I think the OCEAN’S 11 remake is a pretty shit movie (although the original is no great shakes), and although the INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS remake is one of my favorite horror films of all time, the original is probably the best horror/science fiction film of its era.  I can see THE THING, as it’s an incredible film and better than the original.  But, of the ones on this list, I think THE FLY is the best choice – the original is pretty good (and the ending is awesome), but the Cronenberg remake is a great leap forward.  I also think LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS is a good choice.  I have never seen the original MALTESE FALCON, but do adore the Bogart version, so I may have to amend my assessment after watching the original.

So what’s my choice?  I think there is only one true BEST REMAKE EVER, and that’s absolutely Peter Jackson’s 2001 update of Ralph Bakshi’s feeble 1978 attempt.  Bakshi’s film is boring as hell, and Jackson’s remake is a classic.  Don’t think this is a remake?  Then you’d also have to exclude most of the films above, including THE THING, THE FLY, THE MALTESE FALCON, INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS, and more…

More polls soon!

ALSO – I’m going to be on Loveline tonight with Dr. Drew – so be sure to call in with your questions and comments!!



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