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The Adam Carolla/James Gunn Podcast Is Up

And what did we talk about?  Ben Stiller, jerking off to Skinimax, the phoniness of celebrity porn videos, my former marriage, furries, pony play, porn stars, and more.  But mostly furries.  (In my opinion you can skip over the boring Ben Stiller stuff at the beginning and get into the weird fetish stuff, which is pretty fun…)


With Adam Carolla – note the Italian restaurant oil lamp, which looks exaclty like one at my first job at Agostino’s Restaurant as a kid (I was a busboy).

You can check out the podcast HERE.

Or you can get it directly on iTunes here: Adam Carolla - The Adam Carolla Podcast - The Adam Carolla Podcast

You can check out Adam Carolla’s site HERE. 

Also – You can get your FREE MP3 of Terra Naomi’s new, full band version of THE VICODIN SONG – the first song off her forthcoming album – right HERE. 




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  • Deviant Desires

  • mathyou

    Please, for the love of God, what’s the name of the book you mentioned from RE/search with all the fetishes?

  • Thanks, guys. Please download it if you can from iTunes, even if you’ve already heard it – it’ll be great to help put it at the top of the podcasts on iTunes.

  • Bill Pardys Doppelganger

    That was a delightful little podcast.

  • Just Linda

    That was very educational. I’ve learned more about Furries and Ponies than I ever cared to know. I am also sorry to hear about your cat (Andy?). :(

  • It was a great listen, James. The pony play explanations were especially hilarious! Sorry to hear about your cat.