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Mikaela Hoover Reviews THE UNINVITED

Mikaela Hoover does some rooftop musing on Elizabeth Banks’ performance in The Uninvited.

It may not be as scary as the 2003 South Korean version, but I am pleased to say that I enjoyed The Uninvited.  When I saw the trailer for this film in January, I thought it was going to be another shitty foreign remake like Shutter or The Eye. Thank God this film proved me wrong.

The Uninvited is based off the 2003 Korean film Janghwa, Hongryeon (Tale of Two Sisters). This version, is still the highest grossing Korean film to date. Though I have not seen Janghwa, Hongryeon, I hear it’s pretty fucking terrifying.

Since there is nothing on TV Tuesday nights I flipped through Pay Per View. Luckily, I saw The Uninvited and decided to give it a chance.  I am shocked to say the film was surprisingly entertaining.   I’m not embarrassed to say I watched it three times.

The film (which is directed by The Guard Brothers) follows a high school girl named Anna played by the adorable Emily Browning. Anna had just been released from a mental institution. Her mother had died a year earlier of a bad sickness which led Anna to the institution.  When Anna is released, she arrives home to find her father with another woman played by Elizabeth Banks.  The new woman forcefully tries to take over the mother role although Anna and her sister Alex suspect there is something "off" about her.

The film’s story line is too solid to have to incorporate cheap scares with bad special effects or lots of gore.   The main actress Emily Browning really rocked her role as a devoted sister and loving daughter.  Elizabeth Banks was also fabulous as the sinister step mother I loved to hate.  The twist at the end was very unexpected (at least for me).  If you watch this movie and can guess the ending I seriously want to be your friend because you’re fucking brilliant.   I wouldn’t say this film is gouge eyes out scary but I will say that The Uninvited is definitely worth seeing.


Thanks, Mikaela!

We’ll bringing you more horror movie reviews from Mikaela in the near future.


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  • I keep getting this flick confused with THE UNBORN. All I know is there’s an E-Banks flick with the word “Un” in it and I guess this is it. And on another note, the middle Mikaela pic is my new favorite pic since the HUMANZEE-laying-all-over-the-place one.

  • I thought it was known in the beginning how the mother really died – not the full extent of how, but not from her illness (I hope that’s not a spoiler). I only watched it once, so maybe I’m wrong. Anyway, I liked the movie and couldn’t have guessed the twist at the end. But, then again, I was busy on Twitter while watching it, so a little distracted, lol. I’m one of those who tend to second guess everything throughout films – wanting to figure it all out ahead of time. But, I still doubt I would have guessed it, even if in that mode. Wondering if you plan to see/review Drag Me To Hell. From the trailer, I can’t tell if it’s going to be a good movie or a really stupid one.

  • I’ve admittedly never seen it as, unlike Chris, I do think Tale of Two Sisters is one of the four or five best Asian horror films ever.

  • Sweet! I am fucking brilliant. ;)

    Okay. I am a liar. I saw SOME of it coming, but the exact twist surprised me. Yeah, I enjoyed this one more than I thought I would. Banks is great at conveying a sense of menace…is there any acting she cannot do? I mean, she’s is good at the funny, the drama, the slimy monster movies…that woman deserves to rule Hollywood.

  • I didn’t realise they remade this movie, I enjoyed a Tale of Two Sisters although I thought it was a little overrated in the scheme of things, there are a better Asian horror films out there. I’ll try and catch this at some point, I thought The Ring was a decent Asian to American remake.