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My 100 Favorite Songs Right Now (100 to 76)

Not necessarily my favorite all-time tunes, but the 100 I’m digging on the most right now.  I’ll feature 25 every day over the next four days.  Here are numbers 100 through 76…

100. Crowds – Bauhaus
99. Sidewalks – Gentleman Jesse and His Men
98. Web in Front – Archers of Loaf

97. The Mercy Seat – Johnny Cash

96. Draw the Line – Aerosmith

95. Poison – Alice Cooper

94. Comets – Brian Stevens
93. Witchi-Tai-To – Harpers Bizarre
92. Wednesday Girl – The Montgomery Cliffs
91. Those Words – Eggstone
90. Treat the New Guy Right – Silkworm

Okay – I actually like the album version of this song better – but this is a crazy rendition.  Sadly, Michael Dahlquist, featured in the video, died in a car crash not so long after this.

89. Tightrope – Yeasayer

88. A Good Man Is Easy to Kill – Beulah

87. House of Pain – Faster Pussycat

Sappy? Yes! But I’ve had this fucking song stuck in my head since Terra Naomi covered it last year for the 12 DAYS OF HAIR METAL.

86. Box of Rain – The Grateful Dead

85. Indy 500 – Girlpope
84. Wicked Little Town – Hedwig and the Angry Inch

83. Down Like Me – Ken Stringfellow
82. Forest Whitaker – Brother Ali

81. Om Du ter Varg – Detektivbyrån

80. Another Tomorrow – Metropolis Now

79. Right Moves – Josh Ritter

78. Whose Authority – Nada Surf

77. Oversleeping – I’m from Barcelona

76. What Becomes of the Brokenhearted – Jimmy Ruffin


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  • stateofwhat

    I agree with Just Linda. I once listened to Hedwig for 2 weeks straight, playing nothing else.

  • Hainsworthy

    I want to hurt you just to hear you screaming my name – was printed out on a dot matrix printer and displayed up my dorm room in college.

  • GJG – Poison is a remarkable tune if you really listen to it. Quite inventive and complex. Also remember, these are my 100 Favorite Right NOW. I’ve been listening to Alice Cooper since I was 14 and have way overplayed most of his tunes. I Love The Dead, Generation Landslide, Teenage Lament, Under My Wheels, Dead Babies, No Time for Tears, etc, etc, etc, would all have been on this list at different times. He has another song coming up in one of the future installments as well…
    Ultramanj – No, my tastes are definitely eclectic, sort of revolving between early British punk, modern power pop and Swedish rock, 90’s alt-rock, 80’s hair metal, 60’s pop soul, and modern underground hip-hop. Sometimes I do write scenes out with music in mind. My movie I’m working on with Rainn Wilson, SUPER, has had the music a part of it almost since its initial writing.

  • Just Linda

    I heart you just a little bit more every time I see Hedwig on one of your lists.

  • Am I oversimplifying when I say eclectic? When you write a scene do you ever hear the music or does the music inspire the way you see it playing out?

  • GJG

    Although…at least you aren’t into Hey Stoopid by AC

  • GJG

    You can always count on Bauhaus for good tunes…and JC covering Nick Cave is awesome. I do have to wonder about your Alice Cooper choice though…Poison? Really? you sure that you aren’t mistaking digging for wondering what the fuck?

  • You obviously can’t go wrong with Nada Surf! I like some Josh Ritter too although he can be a little hit and miss (Directions is a good tune), a few classic artists with some ones I’m not familiar with, I’ll check them out!