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Creepy Real Life Jessica Rabbit, Stewie, and More…

A couple days ago I posted the creepy as hell real-life versions of Homer Simpson and Mario… just to refresh your memory, here they are…

Creepy as fuck AND awesome, right?  Now I’ve come across some more of this great art done by a human being named Pixeloo…

Here’s a Mr. Burns done by another artist…

Here’s Destination Creation’s version of a real life Homer Simpson…

As well as his hand!

So that’s what these cartoon characters look like as humans… but what about us as cartoon characters.  Here’s Destination Creations’ vision of me as a Simpson…

And here’s a YouTube video on how Pixeloo created Jessica Rabbit… 

Check out Destination Creation’s kickass site for more weird shit, and check out Pixeloo’s Site for other cool stuff, including great non-cartoon-themed art like this –


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  • JustDavid

    Is it weird that “Real Life Homer” reminds me of Bruce Willis?

  • LadyFrontbum

    That first homer really freaks me out.

  • Arkansylvania

    The hands w/screaming mouths reminds me of the work of an old friend of mine, JK Potter, who produced identical work during the 1980s without the help of such fancy contraptions as Photo Shop. He illustrated King, Lovecraft and other horror writers, and produced covers for such late, lamented magazines as NIGHT CRY and TWILIGHT ZONE MAGAZINE, as well as album covers for Cradle of Filth & Fishbone. http://www.jkpotter.com/

  • You look like the Yellow Bastard from Sin City’s brother.