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Crows Are the Smartest Animal in the World, Including Us

As many of you know, I’m fascinated by the crow and how intelligent the animal is.  Here’s a video I’ve posted before of a crow quickly and without hesitation fashioning tools from a piece of wire to help him get food:

And here’s an even more amazing crow video where they’ve learned to smash nuts beneath cars but to do it IN THE CROSSWALK so they can wait for it to be safe to cross and get their booty (if you watch one video on this page WATCH THIS ONE!):

Here’s another National Geographic video on their intelligence:

And a BBC piece on crow intelligence:


Well now they’ve discovered that crows are extremely good at distinguishing faces of human beings, even after long periods of time.  You can read the story and watch the accompanying NPR video HERE.

More crow shit when I find it! 



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