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Auto-Tune the News

Thanks to Rob Danson for turning me onto this shit last night.  Cool stuff… A few of my faves: 




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  • Funny stuff. Sounds like Mariah Carey in places.

    Here’s a free pitch correction plug-in somebody at MIT wrote that you can use with Audacity (also free).



    You will need to compile it if you are going to use it on Windows. There’s a binary for 32-bit Linux.

  • Maddy_Bauer

    LMAO this is fantastic! I can’t stop replaying them over and over!

  • opsin

    I didn’t get it first time round. Then I saw the lettuce episode… Now I can’t help but autotune things people say around me all day, and half the hooks from episodes (“waking up dead, waking up dead, waking up dead…”) just keep going round and round.