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James Interviews Tanedra Howard Scream Queens Winner

After not seeing Tanedra in a year, I get the chance to interview her and ask her questions posed by my Twitter followers (including one from a certain Captain Tighpants):

Part two of this exciting interview will be coming soon.

For information on how to audition for SCREAM QUEENS 2 go to Joke & Biagio’s website.



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  • That’s one of my favorite things about you. No matter who it is in an interview you somehow turn it around back on you. That’s totally cool with me though. Because that’s the only reason I tune in to these things.

    But thinking back on Scream Queens, I really don’t remember the other girls. I remember wanting Tanedra to win, but didn’t think she would. Then there was Jessica who I TOTALLY wanted to win because she was the most awesomest, but then kinda tuned out when she left. Hell, I even got someone to buy me her movie Under the Raven’s Wing for my birthday present.

  • Tonya J

    “It was true, though!” HAHAHAHA! It was, and I remember Episode 1 when you said that, my own self. They were all terrible in Episode 1, but the important thing is that most of them learned fast, which was impressive. Tanedra had great instincts, and I think that’s why she won the whole thing. Plus, she was a fighter, never gave up. I only hope you have someone as strong as her in Season 2.