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Fish with Human Teeth

Fuck you, fish!  You are freaking me the hell out!!!

This motherfucking piece of shit fish that is giving me nightmares is actually called a Sheepshead and can unfortunately be found off the east coast of the United States.

Essentially, I am against this fucking fish because I find it overwhelmingly unsettling.  I don't like having my own mouth so closely identify with the mouth of this jerkoff while simultaneously looking into its inhuman dead fish fucking piece of shit eyes.  Oh my God, I'm thinking about it too much now and it's making me sick…

So, in the final analysis, FUCK YOU, YOU WORTHLESS FUCKING FISH, I hope you rot in hell.


P.S. Many people are writing me saying the above photos are Photoshopped. They don't believe a douchebag as big as this fish could exist. But it's real.  And here are more photos to prove it:

Eat that, fuckers. Your nightmares are real. God is mocking us with this fish.

No thanks to Mia Matsumiya for showing me this asshole.

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