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Weirdest Japanese Commercial Ever

This is perhaps my favorite Japanese commercial ever.  Watch through to the end – it has a better shock ending than The Sixth Sense!

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  • Talk about a weird japanese commercial, here’s one you
    would have been glad to film:

  • Wow? I? just? noticed? all? the? crazy ?????? Question? marks? in? my? comment? that? I? didn’t? even? type!? Sup? wit? dat????

  • Her name is Yuri? Ebihara. Everyone calls her “Ebi Chan” as a nickname.
    I thought it was a strange commercial at first, because I don’t live in Japan. But actually, if you’re from Japan, it makes perfect sense! This girl is a famous Japanese Super Model/Actress, and she’s just doing exactly what she’s best known for: ….POSING! And the fact that a young beautiful celebrity like her is endorsing a fast food product is a? huge feather in the cap for Mickey D’s Asian markets.
    So having a famous Japanese celebrity model like her endorse McDonald’s is huge for them! Especially since young Japanese girls believe that fast food is fattening! (Is it?) So her TV endorsement promotes McDonalds new healthier menus that any pretty young aspiring super model would be glad to eat? from. So really, it’s not a weird commercial afterall….. if you think about it.

  • It worked. I’ll have a Quarter-pounder with cheeze, large fries and a huge helping of Japanese Tang.

  • HAHA! that was great…I was totally blindsided by that one!

  • lol! you were right… never saw that one coming