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Me & Tanedra from Scream Queens on Twitterview

Hey, I really love this one.  Tanedra and I talk about our squabbles on Scream Queens for the first time.  Fun stuff, and perhaps my favorite of the Joke and Biagio vids!

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  • aren’t you too sweet. & very true about not every wannabe actor should follow that dream… sad part is some of those people still make it to the screen anyway but i’m glad to see you’re a director who knows the difference

  • Tonya J

    Nice. It’s always good when perceptions of things get cleared up, like a weight off your chest. I could sort of tell that happened for her there. Some actors don’t require a lot of attention, some need namby-pambying to get what you need from them, and when you’re very new at it I can see how she felt you didn’t give her the attention you did to others (she did not yet trust [well, of course not, see: new] her own instincts or have a gauge of her own work). I wish she had mentioned John Homa though. He’s probably the best acting coach I’ve seen in action and whether she felt he gave her due attention, you can learn from watching how a coach works with other actors, since most of the session with him were in groups.