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HUMANZEE! is Live!! Watch It Here Now!

Finally, here is HUMANZEE! – 50% Human, 50% Chimp, 100% Abomination – the outrageous new web show from the guys who brought you PG PORN – in all its glory. Enjoy!


A Good Boys Production


Sean Gunn as Humanzee

James Gunn as James

Valentine Miele as Val

Mackenzie Firgens as Penny

Jenna Haze as Bikini Girl

Mikaela Hoover as Margo

and Introducing Michael Rooker as Father Flannagan

Written and Directed by James Gunn

Shot and Edited by Peter Alton

Produced by Stephen Blackehart and Peter Safran

Wardrobe Design by Mary Matthews

Special Makeup Effects by Vincent Guastini

Production Design by Mercedes Blackehart

Music Composed by Tyler Bates

Humanzee Theme Composed and Performed by Richard Levinson and Diana Martin

Animation by Nick Mendoza

Titles by Phil Davetas

Song "Now That I Can See" Written and Performed by Couple

Distributed by Blip.TV

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© 2009, James Gunn. All rights reserved.

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  • Nitroman


  • Katterfelto

    Whoa! That was the most grotesquely disturbing thing since Shaye Saint John! James Gunn, you are the Gaspar Noe of satire! Hardcore batshit crazy, man! Great work! 

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  • Um, Wow! haha! Outrageous, in a good way! Great job everyone!

  • kirklasalle

    Holy flying fuck fuck! That was some disturbing shit…
    I had to watch it twice! Now I’m Looking forward to new episodes.

  • James, thanks for the response. Are you able to actually generate revenue from the webisodes? I can’t wrap my brain around how that could be possible.

  • Joseph – Yeah, I’m not sure that trailer did us any favors.
    BPD – As far as I know, I’m releasing Sparky & Mikaela on my own. I’m not sure if the other guys are doing anything with theirs.
    Kurly – Today all of our webisodes are WGA and SAG or AFTRA. At the time we shot Humanzee, however, there were no guild guidelines. So this is nothing.

  • Fucking howl out loud hilarious! Structured in a very different manner than I was expecting given the trailer (as some have already said) all the more funnier because of the surprise. Great job!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tonya J

    Rooker as a priest. Are there any four words more frightening, perverse, or wonderful as those? What a genius idea.

  • Bill Pardys Doppelganger

    Pretty fucking funny. Even though he didn’t have much to do, Rooker as a priest is spin-off material right there.

    Also James, are all the Xbox shorts being released uncensored, or just Sparky and Mikaela?

  • I enjoyed the audiences’ “Oooooo!” during the kiss… very “Saved by the Bell”!

  • Brilliant!

    It did take about an hour to load all the way through but I guess that’s a good sign that it’s very popular!

  • Did you have to follow new media rules, regulations and contracts for this? I’m still fuzzy as how how all that shit is supposed to work.

  • Sick Duck – YES, we are planning on releasing Sparky & Mikaela NEXT – the uncensored version as opposed to the butchered monstrosity released by mini-Disney XBox.

  • I am pretty sure that they make better humanzees in Slovakia!!! :-D

  • sick.duck

    This is so lovely sick!!! I just love it. Are you planning on releasing Sparky and Mikaela on the internet? I’d love to see that too and I am not really planning on buying an Xbox.

  • Tess

    Rooker as a man of god. SWOOOOOn.

  • Tee Spreck

    From the desk of Andrej ?urkovský,Mayor of Bratislava, Slovakia

    Screw you, Mr. James Gunn. I wake up to be enjoying my cups of coffee,rubbing tushies of voluptuous mistress while watching the internet porn and find your “Humanzee” video. I laugh so hard I burst big spooge on Sitka and she beat me with Nobel I find in carmel popcorn box. Because of you I have concussion and must explain to angry Primate Palace maids another bloody cum mess on sheets.
    On other hand, you give good mention to city and bring ideas to scientists still watching mold grow on bread in laboratory. Thank you. Say hello to your boy. Reminds me of own son.

  • sambonotrambo

    i wonder what the offspring of a humanzee and a colostucan would look like? and for those out of the loop, a colostucan is the heavenly result of the majestic toucan that has, through love and nature, mated with a used colostomy bag.

  • Tonya J

    Responsibility. HAH! For me the laugh track was a little disconcerting – I didn’t hear that on the trailer, but I was not expecting the stuff that happened. You, bashful with a woman? You, spouting geeky pronouncements before sex? Very, very funny.

  • benn

    It’s so dark and hilarious. I cracked up when he pops the head off.

  • Tess


  • ThatGermanGuy

    You owe me a new bed sheet, because I pissed myself from laughing. (It was the scene with the cheese grater that broke my dam.) You will hear from my lawyer soon. Have a nice day.

  • Maddy_Bauer

    LMFAO! Awesome! The laughter track was hysterical. When her head popped off I nearly lost it! Great stuff! Been a long time coming but totally worth it.