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Scream Queens News (Insert Sad Emoticon Here)


Timing is everything. And in this instance, timing sucks. My movie SUPER has been greenlit and is about to go into production at the exact same time season two of my VH1 reality show SCREAM QUEENS is going into production. Unfortunately, I have no choice but to choose one or the other, and my actual film career must come before my reality show film career.

SCREAM QUEENS was one of the greatest times I've ever had and if this was SCOOBY DOO 3, believe me, I'd bail.  But SUPER is an important movie for me, I've been fighting to get it made (along with our star Rainn Wilson and our producer Ted Hope) for the better part of the last year and, finally, it's all working out.

I will continue to stand by and support SCREAM QUEENS – we're figuring a few ways I can continue to be involved.  I couldn't have more love and respect for the producers, Joke and Biagio, and the folks at VH1. It's been a great collaboration, with great people at every stage of production.  People who read this blog know I speak my mind when there's someone or a company who is a pain in the ass to work with (cough – XBox – cough) – well, VH1 and the SQ crew are the best of the bunch, and I'm going to miss the whole team over there.

I DO know who is taking my place for the season, as it's someone who I know personally and consider a friend. In fact, I'm the one who suggested this person for the job. I'm not yet at liberty to say, but I'm definitely leaving my job in capable hands.

Please please please continue to watch SCREAM QUEENS. I'm certain the show is going to be even better this season.  I helped to choose the contestants and they're awesome and beautiful, and the whole team has learned a lot from our debut season.  Although I'm not going to be there on screen every week, it's still a part of me. 

In a year or so, I'll be back again for SCREAM QUEENS 3. Until then, I'm off to make a movie in Louisiana with Rainn, Ellen Page, Liv Tyler, my brother Sean, and more. 

Talk soon!


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  • Sol

    when do you post something new? I miss read you.

  • Aw, that’s too bad. But, I’ll still watch SQ2. I’m going to miss your BTS blogs, tho! Best wishes with the making of your new movie! I’m excited to see it!! :)

  • TinEarTom

    I’m not much of a reality TV guy, but “Scream Queens” completely rocked. Sorry to hear you won’t be back in your original capacity. But SUPER sounds hilarious, with a great cast. And I’m especially tickled Sean Gunn is on board. He’s not mentioned in the IMDB.com listing: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1512235/

  • Tonya J

    ~ Sigh ~

    Anyone who does not wish you well, isn’t a friend or a supporter. Good Grief, of course you have to do the film, and of course, I’m sure the major percentage of your fans are going to be cheering you on and still watch Scream Queens 2. Tch. You worry too much for your own good. Make a good movie.

  • Fuck a motherfuckin’ duck! Oh, well. But are the rumors true? One of the challenges will be that one of the girls will get a walk-on role in SUPER?

  • I am sure that all understand what the film “Super” means, choices you had to make etc. SQ will be fine left in the capable hands of “blank”, no doubt. Regarding what you posted about Joke and Biagio; the short time I have known them on Twitter, yes they are terrific and I know you really enjoyed working with them. I know they will miss you as well, but as you said, you will be back.

    Congratulations on finally getting to make “Super” and I wish you all possible luck. PLEASE let us know your experience working with Liv Tyler. She is quite something.

  • Sol

    Well mr Gunn, I think you make a really good choice, if you were fighting so much for doing this movie, still doing it!
    Im going to see scream queens, ‘cos its the one and only reallity show that I like, but will not be the same without you =(
    Im going to miss all your faces when girls do things bad on your part of te show. I hope to see you again somewhere… or on Shreveport! jaja, I know you won’t choose me, Im so far =(
    (now you have to say: yeah solci, I choose you ‘cos you’re a very nice girl)
    Good luck and good bye,
    write you soon.

  • While I’m truly bummed you won’t be on SQ this next season, I’m soooo thrilled that your movie has been greenlit! Woo! Thanks for telling us. Now I’m dying to know who the 3rd judge will be!