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Shine by Final Placement

I was going to make a bunch of jokes about the artistry of this band, and their incredible charisma and skill, and the amazing filmmaking (which includes random shots of an oil well), but I don’t know if I have the strength to do it. This is one of the funniest fucking things I’ve ever seen. I honestly can’t stop laughing.  Final Placement is a Christian rock group from Texas and if a band can have Asperger’s, then they have it bad.  Ladies and gentlemen, I present SHINE:

Thanks again to Patrick Cassidy for this delight.

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  • Troy


  • notclownJoker

    It’s like Michael Cera and Jesse Eisenberg formed a band with an autistic kid. This video is why the word “awkward” exists.

  • Bill Pardys Doppelganger

    It sounds like they recorded it in a dumpster. In mono.

  • My favorite part is when the sing about a train derailing and they cut to a train NOT derailing.

    I think the drilling is supposed to be about sex.

    I like it when that one guy stops playing guitar and acts all badass because he’s not playing the guitar.

    Just goes to show that Christian Rock is soooooo five minutes ago. It’s all about Christian Rap.

  • Oh jesus christ, it’s sad that the video is better quality than the recording. It sounds like they set everything up and just let the computer mic do it’s thing.

  • semioticus

    I believe this to be the best parody of Christian rock bands since Eric Cartman’s take on them. Yet something inside tells me that this isn’t a parody. Oh well, what to do…

    By the way, the guitar solo is simply stunning. I really felt like I was stunned by a taser.

  • Mielena

    They is so cute;)
    This guys must be nominated for Mtv Music Awards OMG
    I honestly can’t stop laughing too)))

  • TinEarTom

    It’s all gold, but the guitar solo is where I completely lost it.

  • My ears!

    This reminds me of some band covering Europe’s Final Countdown, check this out – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pw8sNoodIDk

  • There are so many good things about it – the chorus line dancing, the delivery of the lines at the lunch table while the other two band members seem to be having some sort of side conversation, not paying attention to the filming, the ripping guitar solo, the shot of them going down the elevator that’s only their heads and shoulders, the random shots of fields and buildings – Oh my God.

  • kayleefan

    I’m pretty sure that made god cry…
    I love the final shot of him walking off into ‘not-getting-laids-ville’