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WTF Japan, Seriously?

I Have a Bad Case of Diarrhea Dance Troupe:

Legend of Zelda Dance Troupe:

What in God’s name is happening? This guy is destroying my brain, rebuilding it, and making it better:

I think this might be a white woman. Also, it has something to do with mozzarella cheese, and war. And then, at the end, she goes crazy:

This is supposed to make us want to eat bananas:

We Are the World in black face AND white face:

Clapping mohawks, because it’s possible:

These videos all remind me of my girlfriend Mia, who is like these videos, but turned into a person:

All of these are courtesy of my new favorite web site, WTF Japan, Seriously? (please click on to show your support!), which I was turned onto by James Olsen.

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  • CinemaJunkie

    I was robbed by two men.

  • I’ve seen those dancing Japanese girls before. Wasn’t there one about one of them getting attacked by two men and had a couple dollars stolen?

    That one dude with the fist looks like he learned to socialize by putting Three O’Clock on repeat.

    Man, good thing string cheese wasn’t introduced. Then those two cheese in the refer would be in bondage.

    James, you’re a fucking cocksucker from embedding from eBaum’s World! I will hate you forever! Or at least until I forget.

    Those clapping mohawks are pussies. You should see what I can do with my pubic hair.

  • Bill Pardys Doppelganger

    Here’s an odd English lesson from a Japanese show.


  • Tracy!

    Fuck I meant, “I saw”.

  • Tracy!

    I say the diarrhea video a few years back and still use that technique to avoid shitting my pants.

  • I’m still trippin on Japanese Ray Charles

  • The Diarrhea Dance is sure to become bigger than Pants on the Ground.

  • (The comments need an edit button): At first I forgot to say that I got no idea if the German lyrics are a translation of the japanese one and of course I didn’t served as a commercial, but IT served as a commercial. :P

  • Here is a 30 second version of the Zelda video with an awkward German rap. I served here as a commercial for Zelda 3. (Damn, how I miss the good old video games. But that’s a different topic.)