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WTF Japan, Seriously?

I Have a Bad Case of Diarrhea Dance Troupe:

Legend of Zelda Dance Troupe:

What in God’s name is happening? This guy is destroying my brain, rebuilding it, and making it better:

I think this might be a white woman. Also, it has something to do with mozzarella cheese, and war. And then, at the end, she goes crazy:

This is supposed to make us want to eat bananas:

We Are the World in black face AND white face:

Clapping mohawks, because it’s possible:

These videos all remind me of my girlfriend Mia, who is like these videos, but turned into a person:

All of these are courtesy of my new favorite web site, WTF Japan, Seriously? (please click on to show your support!), which I was turned onto by James Olsen.

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