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Happy Easter… Time to Die…

Many of these, but not all, are from Sketchy Bunnies – thanks to Donna Early for turning me on to that site.

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  • Bunny Dunn


  • I do hope that’s a carrot he’s holding in the 7th from the bottom pic. Either or, yeah. He’s a perv….

  • Jcaddell832

    Does anyone know where the third picture came from? The kid in piure is my cousin but no one in our family knows where the picture came from and my cousin passed away in 2007. Please get back to me if I have any info

  • Jonesd441

    Chris how do you know him

  • Chris

    I’m pretty sure I know the kid in the 3rd one… might explain why he never returned to school.
    As for that carrot……

  • Imagine what it smells like in those heads. Gruesome. Not like venison at all.

  • Na

    WTF, are these “slasher” bunnies?!

  • Holy frak. Each time I think I see the creepiest one yet, I scroll down and the next one is even worse.

  • Man, while I was in poetry prison in college, I often wrote about an alcoholic Easter bunny who would leave little butt chocolates everywhere and fling rotten eggs at children which I called The Beasta Bunny Saga. Every Easter in poetry class I’d always sling out a Beasta Bunny piece as part of my punk noir collection. Shit. Now you got me all nostalgic.

  • OMG that is so wrong on so many levels…LMAO

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  • Bill Pardys Doppelganger

    The fourth one seems particularly racist.

  • Mielena

    wow…i think about: what is the most crazy bunni here.I don’t know what to say! number 3,4,5,7,8,9 top-down.