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Cake/Taxidermy Art & A Guy Butt in Front of Me in Line: Your Opinion Needed

Mia and I went to a marvelous art opening Friday night at the La Luz de Jesus Gallery in Hollywood. If you’re in the area, I strongly suggest you check it out.

Most striking was Scott Hoves “Cakeland” exhibit – for six years Scott has been creating pieces that are a mix of cakes, taxidermy, and pop surrealism:

Also amazing, and on display, is the work of Max Grundy, someone whose stuff I’ve admired for a while:

And Dennis Larkins is no slouch:

While there, Mia and I had cupcakes:

Also while there, I got perturbed at one of the employees.  Tell me your opinion of the following situation:  Mia and I were very thirsty and we stood in line so we could get a couple glasses of water (the bar was free).  A few girls were in front of us, and a hipster guy came and stood behind us.  We waited there for a few minutes – the girls were taking a little while to get their drinks.  The hipster dude seemed to become aggravated, and just walked in front of me in line and asked the woman there for some wine.  I’m not one to take this sort of thing lightly so I said, “Hey, dude, aren’t you butting in front of me?”  He turned to me and said, “Yes, I am, but I’m an employee here.”  And then he left with his wine.

Now, the guy didn’t seem to be working at that time – he was just there for the exhibit.  So the question is, did he have the right to butt in front of me?

Or, shouldn’t he have at least said, “I’m sorry, I work here,” AS he was butting in front of me (then I probably wouldn’t have been as perturbed)?

And why didn’t he go straight to the front of the line?  Why did he waste a few minutes standing behind me in line before getting frustrated and butting?

Mia thought he was a little rude.  I think he’s probably out of line, but am minorly confused by it all.  I look forward to hearing your opinion of all this, here or on Twitter, Facebook, whatever. When is butting appropriate?

And even if you think this employee is like a butting-Hitler, don’t judge La Luz de Jesus for it. They’re an awesome gallery and amazing store.  For more info on this and forthcoming shows, check out La Luz de Jesus on the web <- and PLEASE click on this link, just so they know I’m pimping them!

Okay, thanks.  More stuff soon, including the secret reason behind our recent trip to Las Vegas!



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  • My default reaction to douchebags: punch him in the fucking throat.

  • Also, dozens of people have asked me on Twitter what photo app I’m using for recent photos. I’ve gotten sick of answering individually: It’s simply the Hipstamatic on iPhone, John S lens, Ina’s 1969 film stock, no flash.

  • 1. No, the secret is not that Mia and I got married, which has come up a few times now from this blog. Holy shit. I didn’t think of that.
    2. Phil – Perry King straight up butted because he thought he was a big shot, and then when I confronted him he got in my face about it. Also, ten years ago I had anger problems. I was quick to fight. Today I’ve dealt with those demons and don’t let this little stuff upset me so much – I’ve come to accept that there are many, many assholes in the world and there’s no reason for me to let them upset me so much. Also, it’s just funnier to make jokes about Riptide.
    2. And, yes, I do like Koop. Not a big Robert Williams fan.
    3. Rusty – I’m surprised you don’t like Hove’s stuff. In person it’s really impressive, but maybe it’s not your bag.

  • Mielena

    Probably,he didn’t go straight to the front of the line because he thought his artful ass how it’s possible to bypass turn. Think up – has done. I don’t respect that people. Because i’m not like that, and is make me angry. While I keep order, respect all public and ethical rules, other people break it, and they get it all. And they tell lies for all this.
    I’m sure, that asshole feel tough guy.
    I have another question: why people do that? And should we be spoiling for a fight? What we have to do? I think it’s rhetorical question…

    “That guy was an asshole.” – truth. Forget it James. He do so much the worse for himself.

  • He was very rude. People should never butt in front of anyone in any line, but then there are more people in the world lacking common courtesy these days.

    The fact that he is an employee only made it worse. NO employee, no matter where they work should EVER be rude to customers. He did not give the artist a bad name, but he certainly gave the gallery a bad name. Employees are the face and voice of their employer. They should know this but if they do not, the employer should drill it into their heads, perhaps using a power drill to drive it home until their brains begin to ooze out of their ears. If that was my gallery, and I knew one of my employees was rude to any customer – that employee would get the ass chewing of their life time.

    So James and Mia – you are both correct. The man was rude, their is no excuse in the world to excuse his bad behaviour.

    Take care and see you on Twitter as always.

    Tamela :-)

  • Not so won over by Scott Hoves but the other artwork is awesome.

    As for the hipster- yep he was being an asshole. Teach you to carry some crushed glass in your pocket next time or if you don’t fancy being quite so psychotic a good ol bag of puke, wired up and ready. There are benefits to learning special effects the Tromatic way

  • CinemaJunkie

    That employee was a douche nozzle.

  • Oh yeah and that Grundy work is awesome. Are you into the wonderful art of Robert Williams or Coop? This art reminds me of their work. Not the same, but same wackiness.

  • First of all, they should have a special stash just for the employees so they don’t have to mingle with the GP. Also, if that did happen to be the only line, he coulda said, “Dude, if you don’t mind, I work here and have to get back. I’d like to get my shit, please.” Still annoying if it takes that long to get a drink. I think his original intention was that he waited behind you to follow a common courtesy protocol, but after waiting long enough, I guess he felt that he had more rights than anyone else in line.

    I remember I was standing in a line at Rite Aid and we were there for a very long time as someone decided to pay for their alcohol with a check and all sorts of shit when wrong. I was standing there with my arms getting weak and some fucking resident wearing her lab coat just walked in front of me. I said something like, “Oh, would you like to go in ahead me?” and she was like, “Oh, do you mind?” I was like, “Fuck yes, I mind or else I wouldn’t have smart-assed my comment.” But I let her go anyway even though I was pissed. I guess the quicker she got outta my face the quicker I can get on with my day. But I wonder of there’s like a common thing where you have to let people with lab coats ahead of you in line. I guess because their shit is more important or something like someone’s life or something. Is there? Otherwise, the only people I let in front of me are disabled people, old folks and really cool people that have only one item.

    Also, how’d this not piss you off as much as the Perry King thing?

  • Valerie

    I agree, he was a rude dude! Like Joseph said, as an employee that is inexcusable.

    Amazing art by the way… I love this kind of stuff. You and Mia should have him do your wedding cake, or is that the Vegas secret??? =)

  • Great art! Thanks for posting.

    And in regards to the butting employee (if he really was one), under no circumstances should he have butted. Back in the days when I worked at a video store we’d have to wait in line like a customer if we were to rent movies or buy snacks, whether we were on the clock on not. Why? Because it’s bad customer service if employees butted in front of customers.

    So yes, it’s wrong if employees get to cut in front of customers. That guy was an asshole.