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Meet the Humies!!

So a few days ago I posted some incredibly wild furry videos.  While looking at them online I came across this strange fetish – they’re called animegao (anime face) or dollers. It’s a subset of the Kigurumi (cartoon costume) fetish.  However, I’d like to rechristen them “Humies,” for people who have a human fetish (or at least a cartoon human fetish).

Some of the people in the Lolita-ish costumes seem to be male, and some seem to be females. I’m not sure which are which.

What’s so strange about the Humies is what seems to be the origin. People whack off to anime because anime figures represent human beings – it’s a substitute for what we truly want, the human girl. But people fetishize that representation until it becomes the object of desire itself, even more so than the thing it represents.

A REAL girl doesn’t do it for us anymore because their eyes and heads aren’t as big, their noses aren’t as small, etc.

There’s something really sad about this fetish in that way – it’s like a real person is just a little too much for us emotionally – as if the very core of what makes a Humie appealing is our own fear of each other.

That said, one of the reasons I find this fetish so creepy is that there IS, to me at least, unlike furries, something vaguely sexy about some of them. That makes the cringey feeling inside of me even more intense.

Below are a few videos. I don’t think you need to watch any of these videos all the way through – just a sampling of each will give you a good idea of what’s going on, and thoroughly fuck up your day:

This following one receives the “Aaaggghhhhhhh!!!” seal of approval:

I’m surprised Sheila E licensed her music for this piece. It really works well with the visuals:

Dude, what if your Mom walks in on you while you’re making this video?

See you soon.


PS Huge apologies to any of you who watched the Streamys because of me. It was indeed an amazing clusterfuck, and very poorly put together. I’m truly sorry if you sat through any of it.

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