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Incredibly Creepy Game Show Host

Aaaaarrgghhhhh!!! Sometimes the Internet makes my brain explode. I missed this when it was going around a few days ago. I suppose it was big on YouTube and was taken down. Shocking it was removed!!

It was a game show called “Just Like Mom,” a Canadian television show that ran from 1980 to 1985, and the host was a guy named Fergie Oliver. The show was co-hosted by Oliver’s wife!!

Canada, you gave us Nathan Fillion, but you also gave us this dude. You’re back to zero!

Thanks to Shane Roflcopters K for turning me on to this.

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  • sarahdee

    hole lee shit.

  • OMG, this is beyond creepy. He’d be SO fired on current TV! :-)

  • LesleyHayes4

    OMG that is so creepy. Did they end up throwing this guy in jail??? The nerve he had, doing that on national television!

  • LadyFrontbum


  • Eh, nevermind on the eBaum thing. Just saw your Facebook comments.

  • Dude, I was just brain-fuckin’ ya on the Canadian thing. However, no mention of the use of eBaum?

  • Huston – Agreed. The footage itself was creepy enough. The editing was sloppy and a bit irritating.
    Ablazin – No, the idea was that Fillion brought Canada up one and this guy brought it back down. (I feel like an idiot having to explain this – was there anyone else who didn’t understand that?)
    And agreed on the Richard Dawson front. Yes, it would probably seem a bit sexist and old school how he was always kissing the ladies – but for this dude to take his schtick and apply it to gradeschool kids is FUCKED UP. But my main question about this video, as I posted on Facebook, is is this guy an actual perv or someone who has a very fucked up perception of what he thinks is “charming”?

  • chros

    Seems like a castration is in order… a messy, bloody castration

  • By the way, who was that dude that was on Double Dare? You know, where the kids got all wet and slimey with chocolate, goop and Corn Pops? That dude now hosts a show on the Food Network about junk food.

  • huston

    It could have done without the “editing job” and subtitles to punch the point, because the show by itself was enough to it turn the stomach.

  • Wait. So this dude was around before Fillion and now Canadian’s back to zero? I hope you’re not implying that Fillion’s what brought Canada back down. Because that means, that as much as it breaks my heart into itty bitty pieces, we might have to scrap.

    Also, I thought eBaum’s World was on the Perry King list. Or did you make your peace after that other dude was fired?

  • Dawson kissed female contestants, sure, but these are babies. The one girl was 11. There is a HUGE difference between this guy and Dawson. For one, Family Feud was almost always adults. Plus he wasn’t pushy or coaxy about it. Everyone wanted to kiss Dawson. This guy…ewww. The woman who said, “dirty old man” had it right. I’m glad their mothers were present. But if I were the mother of one of those kids I might have to smack him. Blecch!

  • jmble

    In response to Ashleylynch, Richard Dawson was not coming onto 11 year olds. I’ve never seen this show before but I can’t imagine this wasn’t creepy no matter when it was on.

  • Oh god, that does seem creepy in retrospect. I remember watching that show as a kid. The final challenge was always this bake-off where the kids would throw endless sugar ingredients into a pan and hope it made something yummy.

    Remember that at the time, Richard Dawson was doing the same thing on Family Feud. Game show hosts kissing female contestants was just an accepted thing, but in today’s climate, it’s totally creepy.

  • I’m trying to come up with a good comment for this…but I can’t. I’m torn between laughing very hard and feeling…weird.