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How to Cook Dishwasher Salmon: My 1st Cooking Blog

After reading a recipe for dishwasher salmon in the most recent issue of Mental Floss, Mia Matsumiya and I knew it was the thing we probably needed to try more than anything else in the world. As the name implies, it is a way to cook salmon using only your dishwasher. Here’s how you do it:

First, remember to EMPTY YOUR DISHWASHER. If you forget to do this, your dishes will smell like fish. If that’s something you’re into, forget this step.

Gather your necessary supplies and ingredients: aluminum foil, salmon, olive oil, some seasoning (we used Old Bay, which I love, but you can also use salt and pepper or any other seasoning of your choice), and lemons.

If the lemons are from a lemon tree in your backyard, make sure they aren’t too ripe by squirting some on your hand and tasting it. This was Mia’s idea, as evidenced by the photo above.

Put a sweet-ass piece of salmon on a large piece of aluminum foil.

Pour olive oil on the salmon.  Rub it in slowly and sensuously.

Squeeze some lemon on the salmon. Giggle coquettishly while doing so.

Time for the Old Bay seasoning (or whatever seasoning of your choice.)

Your salmon is nearly ready.

Fold the salmon up very tightly into the aluminum foil. Make sure there are no open spaces in the aluminum foil for the water to get through. It also might be a good idea to double up on the aluminum foil so the water doesn’t tear through it during the dishwasher cycle.

The salmon will end up in a neat little aluminum foil package like this (tiny Asian girl optional).

Place the aluminum foil package in the top rack of the dishwasher.

Like so.

If you’d like, take a moment to admire what you’ve done. Point out to the dog how awesome you are.  He will be mildly interested, but it’s probably more the smell of the fish than your handiwork.

Run the dishwasher on a regular wash and rinse cycle.

Watch an episode of Tough Love: Couples while you wait for your dishwasher salmon to cook.

Your dishwasher is done “cleaning.” Time to get your salmon!!


In all honesty, our salmon was a little overcooked.  If I were to make dishwasher salmon again, which I am unlikely to ever do as I own a George Foreman grill, I would take it out before the cleaning cycle is completely over.  This is true especially if you like your salmon on the rare side.

Remember how I told you earlier about double-wrapping the aluminum foil? If we had done so we might have avoided our one dishwasher salmon tragedy. The water was too strong and tore through the aluminum foil. This one of our three pieces was ruined. It was very dry and disgusting. Fortunately, it was Von Spears’ birthday, so he got a little taste of dishwasher salmon himself, and didn’t seem to mind the dryness.

Anyway, add a little side dish – in this case, some couscous – and you’re now able to enjoy your dishwasher salmon! Let me know how yours turns out!

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