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Our Trip to San Francisco

I meant to post these a long time ago. Just some random photos from my trip to San Francisco a couple months back.

What actually brought me to San Francisco was my brother Brian’s bachelor party. It was about the gayest bachelor party in the history of bachelor parties. We didn’t go to any strip clubs, and we didn’t kill and rape a single hapless stripper. The photo above is from one of our outings, to the San Francisco Museum of Modern art.

So is this one. In addition, we also went to a bunch of really nice, expensive restaurants. About the least gay thing we did was put each others scrotums in our mouths and roll them around to see how much it tickled, in a scrotum tickling contest. But that was eating pussy in comparison to going to the fucking art museum.

After the bachelor party, Mia flew into San Francisco. First thing we did was get a private tour of Pixar from our friend Lindsay.

To recover some of my masculinity that I had lost during the “bachelor party” I fucked a statue of Elastigirl.

Actually, the tour was wonderful. Pixar looks like an incredible place to work. We visited the hidden speakeasy behind one of the Pixar employee’s offices, and signed the walls in another hidden cubby hole right beneath Sarah Silverman and the Malia Ann and Sasha Obama.  Okay, wait – the cubby hole is not below Sarah Silverman and the Obama Girls – we signed our signatures below their signatures.  I would never make a blatant reference to the Obama Girls’ vaginas like that.

Shortly after that, we visited the Jejune Institute – I don’t want to explain too much about it, but it’s rather like a scavenger hunt in search of eternal truth. Don’t read about it online. Just go do it when you’re in SF.

We checked out the Musee Mechanique – a free museum of old penny arcade games and coin-operated musical amusements. Again, it was definitely fun and worth doing. Because Mia and I had done so much research before we went, every place we visited was pretty awesome.  In addition to being awesome, though, the Musee Mechanique is creepy as fuck.

The above coin operated amusement simply sobs and looks depressed. And to think I sometimes complain about Jersey Shore as being shitty entertainment. I would love to see a coin-operated Snooki getting punched in the face by a guido in a bar. I’d put a thousand pennies into that fucking thing.

The very best thing in San Francisco was the Camera Obscura. Even though everyone recommended it to us, we weren’t sure about going. I have seen other camera obscuras that are less than impressive (the one in the Los Angeles planeterium is one). But it was magical and amazing and we loved it.

The same day we went to the Camera Obscura was one of the windiest days I had ever seen.

Despite this, it was time for another photo of Mia pretending to be dead.

On our way home we flew Virgin Air and had fun with the nightlamps attached to the seats.

One more thing I forgot to mention! While in San Francisco, I had one of the best meals of my life at a restaurant called Coi. If you’re a fan at all of molecular gastronomy, it’s one of the best.

Okay, that’s it for now. Talk to you soon.

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