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“Tickle My Vagina” and Other Top Hits by Majela ZeZe Diamond!

So many of you loved this Majela ZeZe Diamond song, “Tickle My Vagina,” which I just posted:

Majela ZeZe Diamond, shoving it in your face that you cannot really have her vagina, it's just a fantasy!! Damn!!

Therefore, I thought you’d enjoy seeing her other hits, such as THE EVEN BETTER “Show Me Your Genitals,” which includes the great lyrics, “I am very promise-cuse, I use men and leave them,” and “Men are stupid, I don’t even respect them, oh, men are good for, money sex and vagina, oh!”

The unforgettable and tender “Show Me Your Genitals 2: E = MC Vagina” AKA “Queen of Vagina” (“Come and have sex, have sex with my vagina, oh!”):

The less-enchanting, “Fight for This Love”:

And a song which I think is a cover of the hit song, “Forever Young,” but I’m not quite sure:

All hail The Queen of Vagina! Here she is with a different hair color, but the same exact face! Awesome!

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