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Photos from San Diego Comic-Con!

So here are a few photos from the San Diego Comic-Con a couple weeks ago, I haven’t yet had a chance to post.  The first few are from the great Albert Ortega. Every time I do a press line or a red carpet event, I know he’s there because he always yells out “Minute Man!!”  He’s a great guy, and I hope he doesn’t care that I ripped these photos from his awesome Facebook Page.

The whole SUPER panel crew! Ellen Page, panel moderator Ted Stryker, Michael Rooker, producer Miranda Bailey, Liv Tyler, me, Rainn Wilson, producer Ted Hope, and Fucky the Mongoose (seated).

James Gunn

Obviously, this was the most thrilling panel of my entire life. I couldn't have been more enthusiastic!

Rainn Wilson

And it was great to see Rainn Wilson cleaning up and looking all prim and proper.

Ellen Page

After seeing the film, Ellen Page skipped a lot of other press opportunites for Inception to come join us in San Diego. I'm really grateful. I can't wait for you guys to see her work in SUPER as it's so different from anything she's ever done.

Liv is even more beautiful in person than she is on screen - yet, strangely, she was the most nervous about doing a panel in front of 6,000 people. Once up there, however, you couldn't tell at all.

Nathan Fillion stole the show with his cheesy smarmy self, and, similarly, Rooker stole anything that Comic-Con didn't have nailed down.

One more photo of Nathan for you ladies and all you gay fellows out there.

Onto some other, non-Albert-Ortega photos.

While on the floor I ran into Sarah Agor, former Scream Queen contestant, and then we hooked up with the Scream Queens creators Biagio and Joke.

I did a Troma panel with Lloyd Kaufman, Darren Bousman, Adam Green, and Adam Rifkin. While trying to show clips from our films, the DVD player went screwy. Here are three so-called "Masters of Horror" trying to figure out how to work a DVD player.

On Saturday Mia dressed up as the artist Trevor Brown's Little Miss Sticky Kiss character. Although I'm fairly recognized at Comic-Con and get stopped a lot for autographs, this became dwarfed by the amount of 55 year old guys asking Mia to stop so they could take her photo (with their erections clearly pulsating through their never-washed jeans).

Here we are with mega-talented comic book artist David Mack and adult star Mika Tan, who is dressed as Voodoo, and happens to be...

…one of the Top 35 Superheroes You Most Want to Have Sex With.

Here is 4 foot 9 Mia with our friend The Guild's 5 foot 10 Michelle Boyd at Zach Levi's Nerd party.

Also at Zach's party, Jason Rose and I challenged Mia and Michelle to a Kinect DANCE OFF. They looked so completely gay when we KICKED THEIR ASSES with our smooth dance moves.

I filmed my whole Comic-Con adventure for XBox and Zune.

Have an XBox or Zune? Download my experience at Comic-Con HERE.

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