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SUPER Is an Official Selection of the Toronto International Film Festival!

Yes, it’s true!! SUPER will be debuting SOON, and I’m rushing to get it finished. In fact, I’m late to my sound mix so I can let you know all about this.

SUPER has been screened by the officials at the Toronto International Film Festival and has been invited as an Official Selection. We will be screening on Friday, September 10, and much of the cast will be in attendance – as of now, Rainn Wilson, Ellen Page, Liv Tyler, Sean Gunn, Andre Royo, Stephen Blackehart, and more will all be there. And that’s not the end of our all-star list as many of the other cast members are trying to clear their busy film and TV schedules so that they can join us on the crimson carpet (there are even a couple more big names I know are coming but can’t quite share yet!)

The Crimson Bolt (Rainn Wilson) does his best to warn criminals of his arrival in James Gunn's SUPER.

What’s also exciting is that my good pal James Wan’s film INSIDIOUS will be playing at TIFF as well. And John Carpenter’s THE WARD! So it’s going to be a grand ol’ Masters of Horror time in Toronto this year.

I’m so, so excited to share this movie with all of you. I have never put myself so fully into any project ever, and I have never been surrounded by such an incredibly talented group of people to help pull a project, kicking and struggling and screaming, into existence!

And, in other news, after a long struggle of trying to get a Cheap Trick song in SUPER on our very meager budget, Sony Music and EMI have both agreed to the smaller fee. So thank you Sony Music, EMI, and especially the great Cheap Trick for supporting independent cinema! It’s great to know that even in these huge conglomerates there can sometimes be kind individuals with big hearts!

See you in Canada!


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