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Little Japanese Girl Owns All Our Asses

She’s a Japanese musical prodigy known only as Ameri (if anyone knows her real name or anything else about her, please pass it on). She’s thirteen years old now, eleven when she did Rush, and ten when she did Wayward Son. I’m hoping she’s somewhat balanced, and not walking around grocery stores memorizing and reciting expiration dates in her off-time — but, whatever the case, she’s astounding. Check her out:

Thanks to Kurly Tlapoyawa for this.

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  • kackermann

    I’m not sure the girl is a prodigy.

    Take a look at this North Korean girl who is in Kindergarten.

    Besides the fact that she doesn’t appear to miss a note on an arguably tough piece of music on a fairly difficult instrument, she demonstrates a deep passion and understanding of what she is playing.

    Maybe I’m splitting hairs…

    Thank you for the link, freakinmayhem…

  • Pffft! Big deal! If you want to see Japanese kids with skills that are really useful then check out this video from a Japanese TV show: