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Watch a SUPER World Premiere Clip Tonight on the Scream Awards!

This Saturday night Mia Matsumiya, Rainn Wilson, and I went to the Spike TV Scream Awards show and had an amazing time. I’ve been to a lot of awards shows over the years, and this was certainly the most well-run. And, along with the Emmys when The Office won, and when I won the Filmmakers Spotlight Award a the Saturn awards, it was the most fun I ever had at an awards show. Taking into account it rained during the entire show, outside at the Greek Theatre, that’s really saying something.

I was at the Scream Awards because Rainn presented a World Premiere showing of a clip from SUPER (well, sort of a World Premiere, as it is a shorter version of one of the pieces we showed at the San Diego Comic Con). It features Rainn and my friend Valentine Miele (who played Murray Martini, for all you Tromeo & Juliet fans), and my sister-in-law Michelle Gunn. The clip went over extraordinarily well, and I can’t wait for you guys to see it too. So please tune in to Spike TV tonight, Tuesday, October 19, 9 PM, 8 PM central, to watch the whole show. If the show takes the same format as it did while watching it, Rainn will present the award between 15 minutes and 30 minutes into the show.

But, honestly, the whole show is worth watching. Yes, you have to put up with big stars coming on stage and acting like they love comic books when they probably don’t even know who Alan Moore is, but Bill Murray shows up in his Ghostbusters suit, Sarah Silverman is funny as shit, Halle Berry and Megan Fox both look unbelievably hot, and you get to see a small tribute to Back to the Future with Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd, which was quite touching. Also, you’ll see a clip from my buddy Michael Rooker’s new TV show, The Walking Dead, which I can’t fucking wait for. Robert Kirkman, the creator of the comic book and the show, sat right behind me during the show. I asked him about Rooker’s performance and he told me he was truly, truly amazing. (But don’t tell Rooker I said that, as I like to give him shit and don’t want to be caught complimenting him. He can’t read, so I don’t have to worry about him seeing it himself.)

It's becoming a tradition that I give the finger to photographer Albert Ortega on every red carpet I do.

What you may not see in it’s entirety, as they will likely cut some of it out, is Marilyn Manson acting like a douchebag while presenting an award to True Blood. I suppose he was drunk, that’s what the rumors said anyway, but he went on stage and threw a thousand dollar microphone at the ground, destroying it, and then threw the card with the winner’s name on it away as well, refusing to proceed with the show. Two crew members came up to the stage to try and get him under control, but instead Manson made one of the hostesses (or whatever you call the girls in the sexy outfits who stand on the sides and hand out the awards) get on her knees in front of his crotch and pretend to give him a blowjob. Something I’m sure her parents are excited to see tonight. I supposes Manson’s behavior might be outlandish coming from a twenty-five year old rock star, but considering the dude is nearing fifty or something it just came off as pathetic.

Anyway… please tune in to watch the show tonight. It’s a blast. And let me know what you think of the SUPER clip on Twitter or on my Facebook page (links below)!



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