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Grandma’s Knick-Knacks from Hell: The Awesome Artwork of Click Mort

One of my favorite shops in Los Angeles is Gold Bug in Pasadena, which has everything an oddball would ever need to decorate his or her home.  There is artwork and unusual garden creatures and taxidermied porcupines.  But my favorite items there are the pieces of art by a fellow named Click Mort.  I’ve been buying them up every time I go into the store.  I can’t wait to get more.  I’m hesitant to post them here, as I want all of his stuff for myself, but his stuff deserves to be seen.

Matching Shoes and Head - My favorite piece, prominently placed so you can see it when you enter my home.

Apple Headed Couple

The Kindness of Strangers

Goatrunner - This one I also own.

Give Daddy a Peck


Hop to Daddy - One of my favorites.

Gator Girl - The owners of the Gold Bug nabbed this one for themselves.

Mort Fincho

The Milk of Feline Kindness

Squash-Headed Warbler - This was the second piece I bought. This little fella makes me happy as hell.

Vegetable Head Musical Couple - These are still on sale at Gold Bug. I thought about getting them many times. If you don't, I might go back there soon and grab them.

Harpy #1 - I don't know how to put how much I love this piece, other than it sucks my soul's dick.

Daisy Cutters

Agrarian Bird and Cat Couple - Well, I hate to admit I broke up this couple, but I did. I own just the cat, so that he could hang with "Matching Head and Shoes", above.

Death Explaining Itself to a Duck - Incredible.

Death Explaining Itself to a Duck - Incredible



Bird Dog #2 - Another one of mine.

Gathering Bird Embryos for Winter

Goat Admiring Clown's Nose

Check out Gold Bug at 22 East Union Street, Pasadena, California 91103.  626.744.9963

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