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My 5 Favorite Movies of 2010

As usual with my lists these are my FAVORITE films of the year, not necessarily the BEST. They’re the ones I’ve personally gotten the most out of. Mother and A Prophet were both released in other countries in 2009, but weren’t released into theaters here until 2010.

1. Mother

2. Blue Valentine

3. Toy Story 3

4. A Prophet

5. Piranha 3D

Also – The Other Guys, The Crazies, Frozen, The Fighter, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, The Social Network, Jackass 3D, and, yes, even Inception.

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  • Movieperson

    You forgot Valhalla Rising.

  • I think I’ve only seen Toy Story 3 and Piranha. I loved the flick, but I hated the 3D. Although, I loved Despicable Me and Megamind a lot more. I didn’t love Piranha like I thought I would.

    I enjoyed The Other Guys (Unrated). Didn’t love The Crazies at all. I thought The Fighter was only ok. Michael Cera killed Scott Pilgram for me. I thought The Social Network was entertaining when I was watching it, but in the end empty calories. And I want to see a no holds barred geek fight between Cera and Eisenberg. I bet it would end in a neurotic bed wetting draw. And Inception was just under okay in my book. I haven’t caught Jackass 3D yet, but plan too.

    Although, I didn’t go to the flicks as much as I used to, but there were a handful of flicks I liked.

    The Losers
    The A-Team (both theatrical and extended)
    The Expendables (Unrated)
    Despicable Me

    I might even add Faster. I dug that.

  • I really liked “A Prophet” and I’m really looking forward to “Blue Valentine”. “Frozen” was quite good (and maybe a little underrated). “The Crazies” was as good as expected also. “Mother” is in the queue… Along with the rest on your list, actually. I’m way behind on my movie watching. Stupid employment.

  • Frozen was awesome. Love the “Mount Holliston” tribute to the MA-based director!