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The 20 Academy Award Winning Actresses We Most Want to Have Sex With

With the Academy Award season approaching, there’s lots of talk of forerunners and black horses, of films that don’t deserve to be nominated and were, and films that do deserve it and weren’t.  However, we here at JamesGunn.com have more important matters to discuss, like, of all the actresses who have ever won Oscars, which ones would we most want to make sweet, sweet love to.  Here is that list.

20. Julie Christie – 1965 – Best Actress, Darling

19. Angelina Jolie – 1999 – Best Supporting Actress, Girl, Interrupted

18. Dorothy Malone – 1956 – Best Supporting Actress, Written on the Wind

17. Sandra Bullock – 2009 – Best Actress, The Blind Side

16. Holly Hunter – 1993, Best Actress, The Piano

15. Mira Sorvino – 1995 – Best Supporting Actress, Mighty Aphrodite

14. Marion Cotillard – 2007 – Best Actress, La Vie En Rose

13. Anne Baxter – 1946 – Best Supporting Actress, The Razor’s Edge

12. Anna Paquin – 1992 – Best Supporting Actress, The Piano

NOTE: We get to have sex with the Academy Award winner any time throughout history.  With most of our choices, this is in the past. With Ms. Paquin, however, it is in present day, as she was only 11 at the time when she won.

11. Kate Winslet – 2008 – Best Actress, The Reader

10. Jane Fonda – 1971 – Best Actress, Klute – 1978 – Best Actress, Coming Home

9. Susan Sarandon – 1995 – Best Actress, Dead Man Walking

8. Jennifer Connelly – 2001 – Best Supporting Actress, A Beautiful Mind

7. Vivian Leigh – 1939, Best Actress, Gone With the Wind – 1951 – Best Actress, A Streetcar Named Desire

6. Jessica Lange – 1982 – Best Supporting Actress, Tootsie – 1994 – Best Actress, Blue Sky

5. Eva Marie Saint – 1954  Best Supporting Actress, On the Waterfront

4. Marisa Tomei – 1992 – Best Supporting Actress, My Cousin Vinnie

3. Audrey Hepburn – 1953 – Best Actress, Roman Holiday

2. Halle Berry – 2002 – Best Actress, Monster’s Ball

1. Grace Kelly – 1954 – Best Actress, The Country Girl

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  • Jim

    Would had Angelina Jolie, Natalie Portman and Jane Fonda in my top 3. 

  • I’m with you on Grace Kelly though.

  • Mackenzie

    Where is Catherine Zeta Jones???
    And I agree on bumping Marion Cotillard up about a dozen.

  • Anonymous

    Imma gonna shout out for both Katherine Hepburn and Barbara Stanwyck. Your list is nice for straight up badonkadonk (I looking at you miss Berry… DAMN!!) but for that nameless sense of urgency and raw sexual power you gotta look to Katherine Hepburn. Audrey too.. Greta Garbo will do until Marlena Dietrich comes along…

    And you list is sadly incomplete as there is, I note, not a single mention of Faye Dunaway. HELLO!?!?! I

    And can we give Charlotte Rampling an oscar just so’s she can be on the list? She can replace Anna Paquin who measures exactly meh degrees on both the hot and sultry scales.

  • I’m surprised Susan Sarandon placed so high.

  • Gerdwilden

    misogynist shit

    • derp


  • I’d put Marion Cotillard about 13 places higher than you did, but nice list all the same.

  • Anonymous

    Ditch Susan Sarandon, and you’ve got yourself a mighty fine list.

  • Kate

    Audrey looked her best with that pixie cut.

    I spent the entire list thinking “Where’s Grace Kelly?”, so I’m pleased with her being #1. She was my first celebrity crush. Snow-capped volcano, indeed…

  • Anonymous

    Goof list, but Kate Winslet should be Number One

  • Marc

    I like the list but I think that Sally Fields would be awsome in bed, especially if she was wearing her nun costume.

  • JP

    Dear lord in heaven or down below do I want to have sex with Audrey Hepburn circa that photo. Nobody better.

  • I have no interest in having sex with any actors, but I’d like to see someone else’s list.

  • How about ACTORS??