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New SUPER Poster

Well, the poster for SUPER, my new movie,  is finally here.  Please spread and share everywhere.  SUPER is a very small, low-budget film.  We don’t have a large marketing budget, so we rely on our fans and supporters to spread the message.  We’ll be out in theaters all across the country in April!  So please, TWEET and POST incessantly!  Thanks!

The poster was designed by the great Mojo for all of you asking me on Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Also – Rainn Wilson and I will be at the Emerald City Con in Seattle next Saturday, March 5, doing a panel at 7 pm, and maybe a secret surprise after that.

Rainn, Ellen Page, and I will all be at the South by Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas for a screening and panel on Saturday, March 12.

Be sure to see SUPER in theaters this April, starring Rainn Wilson, Ellen Page, Liv Tyler, Kevin Bacon, Michael Rooker, and Nathan Fillion, written and directed by James Gunn.

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  • dontpanic

    Hi James, awesome movie! Saw it at the Fantasy Filmfest Berlin. Could you also upload the green poster with Ellen on it? (“wanna go fight some crime?”) that would be great!

    Or if you could tell me a european shop that is delivering SUPER posters – that would be even better!

  • Zehmyan

    way to rip off Kick-Ass douche.

  • Jerome

    How big is Linda Cardellini role in the movie and will she be attending the premiere?

  • Anonymous

    Any word on all locations the film will be released? I think we need to bring this film to Kansas…just saying!

  • Bobblehead Gary

    I think it’s significant to note that we can now include James Gunn in our “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” Games!

  • I really like it. Here’s hoping this gets all of the attention Kick-Ass did and more.

  • HagensborgViking

    We’ve built ourselves quite a “Super!” cult over here in BC James. Please try and find out what you can for all of your close personal friends here in Canada. EH. I can always buy it from amazon, and intend to, but I think we deserve the opportunity to see it on the big screen as well, don’t you?!?

  • That’s cool. I just saw that on Cinema Blend.

  • Bill Pardys Doppelganger

    Nice poster. That’s a great tagline you got there.

  • Anonymous

    Can we get a full-length trailer? Preferably redband first :D

    • Full length trailer coming out next week. It will not be redband. To make up for that, however, we will release the film into theaters UNRATED.

      • Bill Pardys Doppelganger

        This is why IFC is probably one the best, they are one of the few places that will put out unrated films and not puss out.

        • HagensborgViking

          Lions Gate is another one that jumps on films that no one else has the nuts to support.

          • Bill Pardys Doppelganger

            Maybe, but they do kind of a piss poor job promoting genre films that don’t have ‘Saw’ in the title. Also they would never put something in the theaters unrated.

          • Totally true. Lionsgate would never put out an unrated film, not like this. IFC are the only folks who are focusing on putting out stuff that’s artistic that still has balls. Not all of it I like, but I admire what they’re doing. They’re helping to change the way films are shown.

      • You mean, capital UNRATED or pussy-ass unrated because you didn’t want to send it to the MPAA?

        • We cannot get an R as is.

          • Bill Pardys Doppelganger

            It must be great not having to deal with the MPAA.

          • By fuck. Sounds awesome. Did you actually try to submit? Or you just knew you weren’t going to get the R?

  • Anonymous

    Awesome. There should probably be a comma in “shut up, crime!” though. Because the way it’s written now, commaless, it could be interpreted that he’s saying something like “help us shut up crime,” which is significantly less hilarious.

    • Anonymous

      I should probably read all the comments before I post. What the guy above me said.

  • Trevoratworwork

    Looking forward to this! It better have distributorship in Canada. Loved working with you on SLiTHER in Vancouver – worked with Rainn and Ellen on Juno too!

    • That SLiTHER crew was so much fucking fun!

  • I want to staple this to my bare chest, or bear chest, depending on whether or not I’ve transformed.

    Which means I love it, so hard.

  • C-a-doughty

    Is this film coming to the U.K at all? It really looks terrific…

    • Not as of now. But almost the entire rest of the world – almost all of Europe, Russia, Japan, South America… but I think you Brits are a little squeamish about the violence in the movie (not you personally, obviously).

  • Chettar1214

    Are we going to be able to see this in Canada in April? Because if I have to wait for dvd I’m going to plotz. By plotz I mean wait patiently.

    • I actually don’t know what the deal is in Canada, actually. I’ll have to try and find out. Last I knew we didn’t have distribution there, but that was a long time ago.

      • Chettar1214

        *Holds loved one’s hands and prays*

        • Chettar1214

          Well I’m sure I speak for literally every Canadian, we wanna see it too.

  • So now Kevin & Rainn are separated by only one degree.

  • Every one i tell about this movie says “i havent even heard about this, but im going to go watch it”. Can’t flippin wait! Keep doin what ya’ll do!

  • Love it! There is going to be a comma between Shut up and Crime?

    • Unless he is telling people to shut up crime.

    • Chettar1214

      Grammar schooled.

  • Is it breaking any copyright laws or is it allowed (encouraged?!) to print these out and stuff them in people’s mouths? Or maybe just hand them to them. Either way.

    • Copy and spread as you will. But we won’t be held responsible for the choking deaths that follow.