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Our Visit to Grandma Prisbey’s Bottle Village

Grandma Prisbey’s Bottle Village in Simi Valley, California, is the work of one woman, Tressa Prisbey, who built Bottle Village between 1956 and 1981.

Grandma Prisbey, probably not the most normal person in the world, had a collection of 17,000 pencils she wanted to store (the hoarding mentality brings back fond memories of the Bunny Museum ), and she began building buildings out of bottles, glass, and other materials to house them.

Over time the Bottle Village became more important than the pencils they were holding, and Grandma Prisbey built 23 buildings around various themes.

Grandma Prisbey sold her Bottle Village in 1981 under difficult circumstances, but it ended up in the hands of a group of Awesome Vatican Assassin Warlocks, the Preserve Bottle Village Committee.

Bottle Village took a big hit during the 1994 earthquake, and is in partial ruins today.

This past Sunday the Preserve Bottle Village Committe opened Bottle Village to the public for the first time in a couple years.

Mia and I, of course, were there first thing.

Perhaps our favorite part was the small, strange mobile home filled with dead and dying dolls.

In some ways, the destruction is part of the allure.

But Bottle Village was an extraordinarily strange and beautiful and magical place, and I strongly suggest any of you visit it who have the chance, when it’s again opened to the public.

Afterward, Mia and I went to a Mongolian BBQ place close to Bottle Village in Simi Valley.

It was almost as weird as Bottle Village but actually quite good.

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