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Rainn Wilson & I Meet Phoenix Jones, Real Life Superhero

This Saturday night Rainn Wilson and I did a panel at the Emerald City Comic Con up in Seattle, followed by a screening. Here’s a few videos from the day, including when our panel was interrupted by Seattle’s real-life superhero, Phoenix Jones, and his sidekick/partner, Pitch Black. We had been trying to get a hold of Phoenix for the past couple of days since Rainn wanted to interview him – so he showed up in front of the 700 folks at the panel. Enjoy.


Talking about Ellen Page and Liv Tyler doing the movie, when we see Phoenix Jones approaching from the back of the crowd:

Rainn interviews Phoenix but is too much of a pussy to taze him. I am not:

Starts with talking about PG Porn, which was apparently my most popular project at ECCC, as folks were yelling out lines, etc, at the panel:

Talking about the dirty, stinky Crimson Bolt costume, and more:

Be sure to see SUPER in theaters this April, starring Rainn Wilson, Ellen Page, Liv Tyler, Kevin Bacon, Michael Rooker, and Nathan Fillion, written and directed by James Gunn.

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Photo by Kathy Bugajsky. Video by Linda Webster.

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