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Exclusive: The Holy Avenger Comics from SUPER

Here they are, for the first time ever, the Holy Avenger comics featured in SUPER, the ones that inspire Frank Darbo to become the Crimson Bolt. These are copies of the actual comic books Frank (Rainn Wilson) buys from Libby (Ellen Page) during his first visit to the comic book store.  The Holy Avenger is, of course, based on the TV character played by Nathan Fillion in the film. The characters of Holly and Jim are based on Mikaela Hoover and Nick Holmes. There is no Demonswill (my character) in the comic book because we shot the comics before we shot the TV show, and the costume wasn’t designed yet!

These were written by me and drawn by Joe Bluhm and before now have only been seen fleetingly in the actual movie.  Enjoy – and go see SUPER in a theater or right now in your home On Demand if you haven’t yet!

The Holy Avenger explains to Jim and Holly how Lust Dust has infected them.

Demonswill (James Gunn), The Holy Avenger (Nathan Fillion), Holly (Mikaela Hoover) & Jim (Nick Holmes) in SUPER

Arch-enemies or best pals?

The face of purity.

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  • Gavin Callaghan

    Yes, I see the Fletcher Hanks influence as well. I liked the movie Super. I have the DVD and it has really grown on me.

  • Jan Leo Zielasko

    i have really just bought this comic. it was included in the mediabook from “super” here in germany. :) this is so shiny!

  • Thank you for sharing it ! Very nice

  • Anonymous

    this reminds me of all that stuff

  • Marshashing

    what happened to the Holy Avenger’s abs in the movie? haha. i love u Nathan! :)

  • Xenos

    Am I going insane or was that comic based on the works of bizarre Golden Age artist Fletcher Hanks? If so, that’s an awesome if obscure comic book reference.

  • I just read it again. I love it.

  • xtro

    Ellen Page’s performance in the scene in which her character reacts to the Holy Avenger comic is masterful.

    Super has the biggest balls, and the biggest heart, of any superhero movie (including the ‘real life’ and deconstructionist subgenres) I’ve seen.

  • Clickmort

    Those are ultra-swell. If you don’t have the time or interest to do a Holy Avenger film, someone should float the idea past Mel Gibson.

  • Excellent!