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The Top 10 Opening Days for Horror Movies

So the new Harry Potter movie shattered a record for largest single day/opening day ever at a movie theater – 92 million dollars, well surpassing New Moon’s 72 million.  @BlackEveMovie on Twitter asked me if I knew the top grossing single-day for a horror film ever, and I didn’t.  I guessed it was The Grudge, but after asking around I’ve come up with the following list:

1.     I Am Legend – $30,059,386

2.     Signs – $20,884,660

3.     Paranormal Activity 2 – $20,109,273

4.     Friday the 13th (2009) – $19,293,446

5.     Cloverfield – $17,164,536

6.     Alien Vs Predator – $16,442,987

7.     A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010) – $15,735,956

8.     The Ring 2 – $14,805,208

9.     Saw IV – $14,755,978

10.     The Grudge (2004) – $14,557,965

When I mentioned on Twitter that I Am Legend was number one, I got a huge backlash of people claiming that it isn’t horror. You may not like the film, and it may have a big budget, but everything about the movie, from its plot structure through its antagonists through its key sequences are all straight ahead horror. And it’s based on a classic horror book.  Normally I’d say it’s just a case of semantics, and it doesn’t really matter. But in this case, I’d say you’re completely fucking crazy for thinking I Am Legend isn’t horror.

And, personally, I think it’s better than almost every movie on this list, which isn’t saying a whole lot, as most of the films here suck. I adore Cloverfield, and I have a soft spot for the Saw movies, but that’s about it. In fact, looking at this list and the shitty taste Americans have in horror films makes me never want to never make a horror film again.

I think the horror-movie-ness of Signs is more debatable. The science fiction and dramatic elements are stronger but, in the end, I still think it’s horror.  (That said, I hate this movie with a passion.  As I’ve said before, aliens are smart enough to travel millions of light years by spacecraft, but they land on a planet that’s 70% water and walk around with no clothes even though water is deadly to them?!!  It would be like us flying to the moon and stepping out without a spacesuit saying, ‘Wow, I kinda hope we can breathe out here!’  Dumber than anything in Plan 9 from Outer Space.)

Other movies I decided DON’T belong on the list: New Moon (a tween romance), Hannibal (a thriller), Shutter Island (a psychological thriller).  Feel free to make your arguments below if you think otherwise.

I’ve just put this list together over the past hour or so with help from The Numbers and Box Office Mojo.  If there’s something that belongs here, let me know below and I’ll add it in. I have possibly missed something.

In case you don’t think some of the movies above count, the next five are Saw III, Saw V, Freddy Vs Jason, Scream 3, and Saw II.

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