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This Lapdance Chafed My Peen: The Human Barbies of Alex Sandwell Kliszynski

While on Google +, this photo came up in my timeline, thanks to Caryl Belyea. It creeped me out and I loved it:

So, after a little online searching I discovered it’s the work of U.K. photographer Alex Sandwell Kliszynski, who has done lots of Barbie-inspired Photoshopping.  Here’s more – enjoy:

The only thing I can be sure of in posting this blog is that someone, somewhere, is popping a huge boner, discovering a new fetish they never knew they had. Ah, life!

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  • Rrr

    the last 2 are just some dude with a doll

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  • It’s actually a very interesting artistic concept. I think where Alex Sandwell Kliszynski could have been really clever with the art was if he photographed the people in everyday situations rather than sexual positions. That way he could have made a social commentary statement about gender based issues, gender stereotypes etc. I think the idea is cool but the execution is really crude.

    • Sarah Critz

      You know very well as a girl yourself that girls make their babies have sex. He’s just showing it in adult size.

  • Jdc352

    Anton Szandor Lavey

    • Somebizarredude

      What does this have to do with the church of satan? WTF

  • I would totally bone one of those right in her Barbie hole.

  • I wish I had one of those when I was a kid.  Then I wouldn’t have spent so many sleepless Saturday nights trying to descramble SelecTV.

  • wtf??
    I thought you were a nice strait man, may be the silence retreat is no good to you..?
    Hang on girl, he s obviously crazy about you..
    Who wouldn t be??
    if by any chance you’re comming back to strasbourg, let me be your tour guide?

  • I had lots of Barbies when I was little :)

  • At first I was super freaked out, but they’re actually kind of cool.