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Have a Very Creepy Christmas

And have a great New Year too, everybody.

Much love,


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  • Obriencolleen58

    Yuck!  Creepy.  Next year your coming home for Christmas.  Your part of the tradition.

  • Bonus!  An aborted fetus ornament and Satan Claus, all on one page!  Well played, sir!

  • Tyler h

    The whispy haired Santa with the donkey is awesome looking.

  • Jane Steele

    Well I guess Rasputain didn’t die afterall – He went on to play Santa as shown in picture number 9!

  • Chase_mewt

    Um, Im not sure what to think of this video, its got pretty cheesy effects, but its just a little creepy to think someone would conjure up a video like this lol http://www.bangyoulater.com/funny/2402/farting-christmas-music/

  • I’ve been making an alternative #AdventCalendar for the last four years full of oddities, you can see 2010 & this year’s on my blog http://www.emanintdot.blogspot.com

  • Jon Smith

    If you’re black and want to be Santa you have to wear a face mask. There is no black Santa.

    • Maria

      I don’t think so… I guess it’s just the way people paint him. Like Jesus, for example, who is always depicted as being white, when, due to the region he was born, he was probably black

    • Revbrymo

      Don’t try and tell this kid that…

  • Treason

    I would not at all mind the next to last picture happening in my house, minus the child. :) 

    • I’m not sure that dude has much interest in adults.

      • Treason

        Possibly not women, either. Ah, well. Unmerry Christmas to me. :P

        • I, however, am male and totally willing to wear footy pajamas and cry for him…