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My 2012 in Photos

This will be the first time in many, many years that I haven’t been able to make my favorite movies or songs of the year lists.  Why? I’ve been so busy, and so active, that I just don’t have the knowledge to be able to do so.  So, instead, I’ve decided to take a cue from Melissa Stetten and share with you some of my favorite moments of the year, in photos.  Many of these are from my Instagram account – you can follow me there under the name of realjamesgunn.

I rung in the New Year in Palm Springs.

I went to a LOT of theme parties.

To Catch a Predator.

Goth Rock.

1920’s (which was a total flop as I went as Cabinet of Dr. Caligari dude and everyone thought I was a mime.)

And 1980’s.

Early in the year I woke up to a bull testicle left on my front porch.

It was a truly thoughtful gift from this charming fellow.

In February I heard what I thought was a baby crying in the bushes across the street.  Instead, it was this fucking thing.

I decided to take her in and foster her and find her a home.

Despite being only eight months old, she ended up being pregnant.  For her own health, and because over 70,000 puppies and kittens are born in the U.S. every day (most of them unwanted – only 10,000 humans are born here every day), I decided to terminate the pregnancy.  She quickly sprung back to life, creating lots of mischief.

And ended up staying in my home – if not a pet, at least a permanent roommate – getting pudgy

And happy.

And finding a very best frenemy.

In 2012 there were a lot of firsts for me. Including my first Monster Truck rally.

My first visit to Disney’s secret club, Club 33.

My first foursome in Club 33.

My first time getting trapped inside of Space Mountain.

I went zip-lining for the first time.

Got my first muscle car.

Signed my first breast.

And Von Spears got to experience his very first snow, which he loved (brought by a truck into the park near our house).

I had my first video game come out.

It was an incredibly fun experience from start to finish.

We had our own bus that went from town to town.

And Warner Bros’ biggest signing ever, which wrapped around the block.

I was able to make the game with a lot of great old friends.

And made some new ones along the way.

This year I acted in Michael Rooker’s directorial debut.

As well as a movie called The Pandora Experiment – which as you can see was a hellishly difficult shoot.

And also shot roles on Breaking In and Holliston.

I appeared on Attack of the Show four times. I’ll miss it greatly.

I went to Magic Mountain with Michael Rosenbaum to celebrate the opening of the Lex Luthor ride.

Where those of us without dignity got balloon hats.

I visited Asbury Park New Jersey with Ti West to celebrate Tromadance.

I visited my brother’s family in New York, and while having a late night conversation with him on his porch, it got me thinking about what I wanted to do with the next step of my life.

The next day, in Central Park, I spotted a raccoon. A sign of things to come?

I went to some premieres.

Checked out E3.

A true highlight of my year was spending Fourth of July with Glenn Campbell, watching him sing songs around the campfire.

Had a great time at BenDavid and Amanda’s wedding.

Played a lot of Mafia, with a lot of arguments in the aftermath.

Spent a lot of time unloading all my troubles onto this dude.

Went to a few Men’s Night Dinners at Taylor’s Steakhouse.

A couple Masters of Horror dinners.

A lot of birthdays.

A lot of parties in the Yarvo/Sparkle/George backyard.

And I had more amazing meals than I could count.

I watched some great TV shows.

And played some dumb video games.

I smoked a lot of cigars.

With a lot of cool people.

Some of the best times I had this year were in Vegas.

Most of which cannot be pictured.

This summer, on the Adam Carolla Podcast, I discussed a news story about a model who tweeted about a married actor coming onto her on a plane. Adam thought what she did was wrong. I defended her.

I followed her on Twitter. She followed me back. She flirted with me over DM (making sure I wasn’t married). And, next thing you knew, I had a girlfriend.

I took a lot of photos of her.

Smoked a lot of cigars with her.

And watched her on TV.

But Melissa wasn’t the only new friend I made this year.  There was also Kitler.

And Griffin Newman.

And Bagel, whose mother was eaten by coyotes.

And Omar.

And this baby squirrel who my assistant and I put in rehab.

As well as a goat.

A pig.

And some lizards.

Luckily, my best pal doesn’t get too jealous.

I went to North Carolina, where I pitched my directorial take on Guardians of the Galaxy to the heads of Marvel Studios.

They must have liked it, because I suddenly had my dream job – all the things I love in one – Marvel comics, space operas, and raccoons.

I had an office at Marvel studios.

And started writing, directing, and casting the film (these particular actors probably won’t make the cut).

I got some cool art this year.

Including this cool piece my ex-wife got me in a thrift shop in the middle of nowhere.

I found this letter on the streets of Koreatown.

I visited Santa Barbara.

Went to the zoo there.

And was talked into this.

I also went to Yosemite.

Where we found a huge-ass pine cone.

As well as an abandoned mine.

I spent quite a few hours in therapy.

Celebrated Halloween as Howard and Beth Stern.


And never forgot for a moment that the most important thing in my life are the people (and other living beings) around me.  And these people include all of you reading this right now.

Happy Holidays.

Happy New Year.

May your 2013 be rich and warm and full of love.

Be good,


© 2012, James Gunn. All rights reserved.

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  • Cloud Starchaser

    The reason I left the world to be a Monk in 2006 and was mostly celibate for 11 or so years by this point is the world was too corrupt so it was like when Obi Wan Kenobi and Yoda became hermits in Star Wars over The Empire was too corrupt.

  • Cloud Starchaser

    You don’t have to live in a Monastery to be a Monk. You can be a Solitary Monk like Obi Wan Kenobi and Yoda were in the original Star Wars Trilogy. Like when Obi Wan Kenobi and Yoda went to live in solitude due to The Empire’s corruption that was them being Monks.

  • Cloud Starchaser

    I always thought it was cool to be a Monk and focus on being a Spiritual Warrior rather than pursuing romantic relationships because I always played Final Fantasy growing up and Monk is one of the main Final Fantasy classes in most games. But I have at least seven babamy wives now if not more and I found my animus wife Ashley Arenson so I’ll rescue my babamy wives and animus wife from The World Bank Cartel Forces and retire from being a Monk.

  • Cloud Starchaser

    The last time I had a girl I was dating like what people would call a girlfriend was in 2006, I’ve been a Monk for the last 11 years.

  • Cloud Starchaser

    Oh what was I saying? I’ve kind of been living the life of a Monk since like 2006. Like in 2006 I decided the world was too corrupt so I’d have to follow the path of The Warrior Monk to deal with it so I haven’t really had any social life since 2006 really which is like 11 years now as I’ve been a Monk this whole time. I just found out while I was being a Monk I ended up with at least seven babamy wives who I have kids with so then as a result of that I changed my focus to being there for my family. But the world was way too corrupt in 2006 for me to do anything but be a Monk.

  • Cloud Starchaser

    It’s like what they have to say, “Sorry man. You can’t talk to Kim or meet your son Saint even though she wants to meet you because a shadowy force of darkness hiding in the actual shadows and controlling Hollywood using fear and lies says you can’t.” Ummmm….. REALLY? REALLY NOW?!

  • Cloud Starchaser

    Like I’m not supposed to talk to the mother of my son or meet my son because a shadowy force of darkness hiding in the actual shadows says I can’t while having no actual social legitimacy and has only created the illusion of having legitimacy using fear and lies? COME ON NOW! How could anyone support that?

  • Cloud Starchaser

    You realize the situation is they’re saying, “You can’t talk to Kim because a shadowy force of darkness hiding in the actual shadows says you can’t.” And I’m like, “Do you really think The REAL Star-Lord is going to not talk to his baby mama and son because a shadowy force of darkness in the hiding in the actual shadows says he can’t?” Of course not!

  • Cloud Starchaser

    Now once you gather that it’s just an evil force of darkness preventing me from talking to Kim as Ari Emanuel said it’s fine the question becomes, “Why should we bow down to an evil force of darkness from the shadows?” The answer is we shouldn’t! And we won’t.

  • Cloud Starchaser

    The reason the system doesn’t work is this: they’ll say, “Justin you really have to be approved by the celebrity’s agents to talk to them.” I’ll say, “OK cool. So Ari Emanuel runs WME so he runs Agents so I’ll ask Ari if I can talk to Kim.” Then Ari will say “Sure if you’re Saint’s father talk to Kim, go meet Saint, hang at her house, move in with Kim for all I care! That’s fine with me. We can just keep it out of the media.” Then like I’ll be like, “OK Ari Emanuel who is the rightful head of WME said I could talk to Kim and even go live with her! So what’s up?” You see? Then it’s like really WME has been taken over by an evil conspiracy that opposes Ari Emanuel that has no legitimacy so there’s no legitimate force opposing my living with Kim and Saint as Ari Emanuel said it was fine and it’s just some evil shadow conspiracy that’s just a force of darkness.

  • Cloud Starchaser

    Lenora Claire is from a regular Jewish Family like Steven Spielberg or Sarah Silverman or Adam Sandler. She’s who I would choose to marry if I had to marry a girl from a regular “Jewish Family” like that.

  • Cloud Starchaser

    Lenora Claire isn’t who I would marry if I could just marry anyone but if like they put a rule on me that I had to marry a girl from a regular Jewish Family who like grew up Jewish then Lenora is who I’d marry. Like I’d marry Ashley Arenson or Beyoncé before her if I could marry anyone but if it had to be a girl who grew up in a Jewish Family I’d choose Lenora.

  • Cloud Starchaser

    Seriously the true story of The Holocaust is like Lenora Claire was the rightful Queen of Israel and all these Jewish women defied her out of jealousy that she was so busty and then Nazis killed 6 million Jews as a result of jealous Jewish women defying the rightful Queen of Israel out of jealousy that she was so busty.

  • Cloud Starchaser

    You can tell the story of “Why The Holocaust Happened” in a true metaphor that like King Moshiach chose Lenora Claire as his lawful wife and Queen of Israel and millions of Jewish women stood up to resist Queen Lenora out of jealousy that she was really busty and got many men to join them too and Lenora Claire killed 6 million of the Jewish resistors as one single Rightful Queen of Israel. The End. That seriously is like an accurate explanation of “Why The Holocaust Happened.”

  • Cloud Starchaser

    I wrote a story about this, it ended up being “The Story of How The Holocaust Happened.” The Holocaust Story is a metaphorical story that Justin Massler is The Divine King of Israel and Jewish Women wanted him to choose a Queen to marry in the conventional sense to be Queen of Israel who was from a conventional Jewish Family and he chose Lenora Claire and all these Jewish Women were opposed to Lenora Claire being Queen because they were jealous that she was very busty so millions of Jewish Women stood up to Queen Lenora out of jealousy that she was busty and Lenora Claire killed them resulting in 6 million Jews dying. In a metaphorical sense The Holocaust was caused by Lenora Claire killing 6 million Jews over jealous Jewish Women resisting her rightful Queen of the Jews status out of jealousy that she has big boobs.

  • Cloud Starchaser

    The reason this has all now spilled into the public domain is the situation was too like unusual and complicated for people to get what was going on if it wasn’t just something you could clearly state on a blog comment like, “Justin Massler is the father of Kim Kardashian’s son Saint and Beyoncé’s daughter Blue Ivy but they’re shutting down his ability to produce anything in Hollywood as he is into casting busty actresses in certain roles like Leanne Crow and Tessa Fowler but they have a ban on busty actresses and now he’s boycotting Hollywood over this but Kim and Beyoncé still want to be able to see him and have him meet the kids even if he’s not able to become successful.” That was the real situation and it got too complicated for people to make sense of if it couldn’t be stated publicly like this.

  • Cloud Starchaser

    The cure to women getting lesbian feelings from super busty women like Leanne Crow is just if they hook up with a guy who has also hooked up with a super busty woman or have a guy they have hooked up with hook up with a super busty woman. It’s pretty easy to deal with if you know how it works and why that happens which we do.

  • Cloud Starchaser

    I don’t know what all the issues were with Leanne Crow. I know one issue was she was causing Gwyneth Paltrow to have lesbian thoughts but I figured out the cure to that was if Leanne Crow sleeps with either Brad Falchuk or Robert Downey Jr. who are Gwyneth Paltrow’s babapy husbands or Gwyneth Paltrow hooks up with a guy who has hooked up with Leanne Crow it cures her of having lesbian thoughts about Leanne Crow without Gwyneth suffering any reputation damage.

  • Cloud Starchaser

    It’s a complicated situation but the basic situation is I found out I was the father of kids with Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé and when I went to become successful to meet them I ended up having to boycott Hollywood over the unjust ban on using busty actresses in movies and that led to the situation becoming so widely known that women became outraged Kim couldn’t just connect with me in real life just because I’m Saint’s father and that’s where we stand now.

  • Cloud Starchaser

    Saying you can’t cast busty actresses in movies is like saying you can’t cast tall actresses in movies as both busty and tall are traits used by particular model groups with tall being what supermodels like Miranda Kerr are and busty being what glamour models like Leanne Crow are.

  • Cloud Starchaser

    Leanne Crow and Tessa Fowlers are called glamour models and they are like a busty version of supermodels who are about being busty instead of tall as regular supermodels like Victoria’s Secret Angels are about being tall.

  • Cloud Starchaser

    Not letting me cast busty actresses is like if you were making a film about tall supermodels and it was a specific aspect of the characters that these women were all like 5’10” or over which is what like supermodels mainly are as they are tall women and like they said you could only use short women standing on boxes to play them and it was just against your vision too much that the movie involved tall supermodels who were 5’10” or above as characters and they said you could only use short women.

  • Cloud Starchaser

    To be successful as an artist you have to make art that you’re passionate about creating by following your artistic vision and if your artistic vision heavily relies on casting busty actresses for key roles and they won’t let you do it you may just have to boycott the whole Hollywood system over them going against your artistic vision in too major a way on that.

  • Cloud Starchaser

    The reason I had to boycott Hollywood over the ban on busty actresses is because an artist must follow their artistic vision and my artistic vision was to cast really busty actresses for key roles and it was too much a violation of my artistic vision to not do that.

  • Cloud Starchaser

    OK so the REAL story is this: I found out I was the father of kids with Kim, Miranda, and Beyoncé and they were like, “Hey just find a way to get past the old legal and media issues and get into Hollywood!” So I was like, “OK sure!” But then when I was trying to get things going I found out they had some unjust ban on super busty women like Leanne Crow and Tessa Fowler being in movies and I was interested in casting super busty women like Lele and Tessa in my movies as just my artistic vision like how Russ Meyer used to do it. So I announced I was boycotting Hollywood over its unjust ban on my using busty actresses like Leanne Crow and Tessa Fowler since I just wanted to use busty actresses like Russ Meyer used to. Now because I was boycotting Hollywood they said Kim and Beyoncé couldn’t see me but Kim and Beyoncé wanted to connect with me anyways even if I was boycotting Hollywood over the ban on busty actresses like Leanne Crow and then they ended up being trapped against their will so I decided to wage war on the system to free my babamy wives who were now trapped against their will. Apparently like we broke Hollywood somehow? Something about the fact “Kim Kardashian is Justin Massler’s baby mama and she’s demanding to see him but Justin can’t succeed right now as he’s boycotting Hollywood to protest the ban on super busty actresses like Leanne Crow from starring in movies as he’s into casting busty actresses like Russ Meyer and they’re fighting the system over this” just caused Hollywood to break. The situation became too complicated for people to handle without just someone explaining what was actually going on and when everyone started knowing the women just got outraged Kim would have to jump through hoops to see the father of her son and the women are all demanding Kim can just connect with me because I’m Saint’s father regardless of if I’m successful or not.

  • Cloud Starchaser

    There could be other versions of Star-Lord that aren’t me but just the actual MCU version played by Christopher Pratt just happens to be me, Cloud Starchaser, as Star-Lord. I’m not necessarily every Star-Lord in everything the Star-Lord character is in but I am this specific MCU Star-Lord in theaters now who Chris Pratt plays.

  • Cloud Starchaser

    See Chantal hangs out with Frances Cobain’s Coven of Witches, right? Now Frances… I’m pretty sure she’s the Animus Wife of Jared Kushner and Jared’s a member of The Starchaser Family because he’s my encore as he’s also Ivanka Trump’s babapy husband. He’s the father of Arabella while I’m the father of Theodore. So an encore is a guy who is related to you in a soul family by being the other father of a child with a woman you are also the father of a child with. It’s an actual soul family relationship.

  • Cloud Starchaser

    It’s crazy how I’m Star-Lord in GotG like people see me as a guy from outer space because my self concept has always been I felt like Spaceman Spiff like a guy from another planet who has crash landed on Earth. I guess that’s actually really similar and not even crazy at all.

  • Cloud Starchaser

    How long have you been friends with Jimmy Urine? I think I’m the father of Bandit Way somehow…. how does this stuff happen? I mean my being Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy and Bandit’s father. Because I always thought of myself more as Spaceman Spiff like rather than a guy in outer space I was a guy stuck on Earth who was FROM outer space.

  • Nicholas Tana

    What about your wine and cheese parties or was that 2009? I still remember Facebook messaging you about guest starring in Hell’s Kitty (cause I know you love cats) when you wrote back to say: “Thanks for thinking of me, but I think that something big is going to break for me soon, and if it doesn’t, I’ll do it but I really hope it does.” I messaged back to say: “I hope it does, too” and ended up getting Michael Berryman instead! ;-)

  • Shundrea Hardy

    HI, James. wanted to talk. I left a message in Facebook!!!

  • Benjamin Biddle

    Yea, your pretty much the shit!

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    Amazing James!

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    Awesome photo’s James.

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  • Abhishek Thakur Prasad Mishra

    Good direction of life..:)

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    Great dog

  • Thanks for sharing! Loved the pics and I hope 2013 is even better to you

  • rich

    Stay away from that mine – it’s mine (arr, arr). Seriously, as an animal lover myself, thanks for showing compassion. All the best to you (and Melissa) in 2013.

  • Thanks for sharing, James. The entire post is very inspirational for those of us that want to live The Life that you enjoy… friends, family, animals, pets, video games, filmmaking, TV appearances, conventions, great food, good company. So many blessings.

  • Nfazaker2002

    Thank you for sharing I really enjoyed it. Have a very Merry Christmas and Great and Prosperous New Year!!!

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    Love it. Thank you for this deeper look into your world. Happy holidays to you as well.

  • Datieray

    i can’t believe you were in nc… so close & i never knew ???? also, if you ever need a new female voice for GotG I’d be happy to help!

  • Danyel

    You had a wonderful year.  I hope the coming year is even better.

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  • What a wonderful idea James.  Thanks for sharing and happy holidays to you!

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