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My 2012 in Photos

This will be the first time in many, many years that I haven’t been able to make my favorite movies or songs of the year lists.  Why? I’ve been so busy, and so active, that I just don’t have the knowledge to be able to do so.  So, instead, I’ve decided to take a cue from Melissa Stetten and share with you some of my favorite moments of the year, in photos.  Many of these are from my Instagram account – you can follow me there under the name of realjamesgunn.

I rung in the New Year in Palm Springs.

I went to a LOT of theme parties.

To Catch a Predator.

Goth Rock.

1920’s (which was a total flop as I went as Cabinet of Dr. Caligari dude and everyone thought I was a mime.)

And 1980’s.

Early in the year I woke up to a bull testicle left on my front porch.

It was a truly thoughtful gift from this charming fellow.

In February I heard what I thought was a baby crying in the bushes across the street.  Instead, it was this fucking thing.

I decided to take her in and foster her and find her a home.

Despite being only eight months old, she ended up being pregnant.  For her own health, and because over 70,000 puppies and kittens are born in the U.S. every day (most of them unwanted – only 10,000 humans are born here every day), I decided to terminate the pregnancy.  She quickly sprung back to life, creating lots of mischief.

And ended up staying in my home – if not a pet, at least a permanent roommate – getting pudgy

And happy.

And finding a very best frenemy.

In 2012 there were a lot of firsts for me. Including my first Monster Truck rally.

My first visit to Disney’s secret club, Club 33.

My first foursome in Club 33.

My first time getting trapped inside of Space Mountain.

I went zip-lining for the first time.

Got my first muscle car.

Signed my first breast.

And Von Spears got to experience his very first snow, which he loved (brought by a truck into the park near our house).

I had my first video game come out.

It was an incredibly fun experience from start to finish.

We had our own bus that went from town to town.

And Warner Bros’ biggest signing ever, which wrapped around the block.

I was able to make the game with a lot of great old friends.

And made some new ones along the way.

This year I acted in Michael Rooker’s directorial debut.

As well as a movie called The Pandora Experiment – which as you can see was a hellishly difficult shoot.

And also shot roles on Breaking In and Holliston.

I appeared on Attack of the Show four times. I’ll miss it greatly.

I went to Magic Mountain with Michael Rosenbaum to celebrate the opening of the Lex Luthor ride.

Where those of us without dignity got balloon hats.

I visited Asbury Park New Jersey with Ti West to celebrate Tromadance.

I visited my brother’s family in New York, and while having a late night conversation with him on his porch, it got me thinking about what I wanted to do with the next step of my life.

The next day, in Central Park, I spotted a raccoon. A sign of things to come?

I went to some premieres.

Checked out E3.

A true highlight of my year was spending Fourth of July with Glenn Campbell, watching him sing songs around the campfire.

Had a great time at BenDavid and Amanda’s wedding.

Played a lot of Mafia, with a lot of arguments in the aftermath.

Spent a lot of time unloading all my troubles onto this dude.

Went to a few Men’s Night Dinners at Taylor’s Steakhouse.

A couple Masters of Horror dinners.

A lot of birthdays.

A lot of parties in the Yarvo/Sparkle/George backyard.

And I had more amazing meals than I could count.

I watched some great TV shows.

And played some dumb video games.

I smoked a lot of cigars.

With a lot of cool people.

Some of the best times I had this year were in Vegas.

Most of which cannot be pictured.

This summer, on the Adam Carolla Podcast, I discussed a news story about a model who tweeted about a married actor coming onto her on a plane. Adam thought what she did was wrong. I defended her.

I followed her on Twitter. She followed me back. She flirted with me over DM (making sure I wasn’t married). And, next thing you knew, I had a girlfriend.

I took a lot of photos of her.

Smoked a lot of cigars with her.

And watched her on TV.

But Melissa wasn’t the only new friend I made this year.  There was also Kitler.

And Griffin Newman.

And Bagel, whose mother was eaten by coyotes.

And Omar.

And this baby squirrel who my assistant and I put in rehab.

As well as a goat.

A pig.

And some lizards.

Luckily, my best pal doesn’t get too jealous.

I went to North Carolina, where I pitched my directorial take on Guardians of the Galaxy to the heads of Marvel Studios.

They must have liked it, because I suddenly had my dream job – all the things I love in one – Marvel comics, space operas, and raccoons.

I had an office at Marvel studios.

And started writing, directing, and casting the film (these particular actors probably won’t make the cut).

I got some cool art this year.

Including this cool piece my ex-wife got me in a thrift shop in the middle of nowhere.

I found this letter on the streets of Koreatown.

I visited Santa Barbara.

Went to the zoo there.

And was talked into this.

I also went to Yosemite.

Where we found a huge-ass pine cone.

As well as an abandoned mine.

I spent quite a few hours in therapy.

Celebrated Halloween as Howard and Beth Stern.


And never forgot for a moment that the most important thing in my life are the people (and other living beings) around me.  And these people include all of you reading this right now.

Happy Holidays.

Happy New Year.

May your 2013 be rich and warm and full of love.

Be good,


© 2012, James Gunn. All rights reserved.

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  • Cloud Starchaser

    Anyways let me continue my speech here because you’re making a movie series in which one of the protagonists is me so I’d like to make it clear who I am in real life… OK so the problem is America was taken over by rapists and my babamy wives who I have kids with can’t speak to me freely because the rapists who took over America banned women from talking about what a babapy husband or real soul father was…. I’m resolving the situation but its rapists who took over America who have my babamy wives unable to speak freely to me right now…

  • Cloud Starchaser

    Did Star-Lord’s father have a planet in Vol. 2 or like he was a character who was a planet in the comics? The Starchaser Immortal which is my Ship that is bound to me is kind of like a planet. You could portray it as a planet in fiction. But it’s really a spaceship like The Starship Enterprise that is just more like a planet than what humans would think of as a spaceship in many ways.

  • Cloud Starchaser

    In reality I’m from The Starchaser Space Corps. Now my grandfather is Ragnarok Starchaser who commands The Starchaser Eden and I could see The Starchaser Eden being portrayed as a planet in fiction…. it’s really a spaceship but it could be portrayed as a planet to people of our time and place.

  • Cloud Starchaser

    The Starchaser Immortal is like a planet kind of but it’s really a spaceship like The Starship Enterprise.

  • Cloud Starchaser

    My actual spaceship The Starchaser Immortal is totally beyond anything from science fiction like The Starship Enterprise from Star Trek. The difference between The Starship Enterprise and The Starchaser Immortal is like the difference between a canoe and a cruise ship but times twelve orders of magnitude.

  • Cloud Starchaser

    I had to be able to make it totally clear that my objective is reaching my babamy wives Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé Knowles and my animus wife Ashley Arenson and other people like this so that women would understand what it was about and there would be no confusion about what I was doing this for. I guess I did that now so I can get into some kind of production to accomplish these goals but it took a long time to get this like totally public so that people working with me wouldn’t get confused about what my objectives here were.

  • Cloud Starchaser

    Basically we had to get it public what my actual relationships to these women like Beyoncé and Kim and Ashley and Miranda are so The Scavengers would be completely shut out of the picture as The Scavengers aren’t getting anything here on me.

  • Cloud Starchaser

    What it is is a lot of girls in Hollywood are Scavengers who like will look for a guy who might have babamy wives like I do but is cut off from them due to social matrix issues and then they will try to claim that guy as their own and no one is putting up with them at all this time.

  • Cloud Starchaser

    Basically it’s like Ashley Arenson is my Sex Agent and Kendall Jenner is my Social Manager and Leanne Crow is my Party Ruler and Kim Kardashian, Ivanka Trump, Miranda Kerr, and Beyoncé Knowles are my babamy wives among others and girls would have to be approved by them to get with me and if these girls don’t approve you you have just no actual chance with me at all.

  • Cloud Starchaser

    Basically…. no girls have any actual shot with me at all by trying. There’s no way to get me by trying to get me. Like it’s literally like no one has any chance with me at all. Like I could theoretically end up dating someone like Chantal over some social connection of like Bandit is my daughter so Lyn-Z is my babamy wife and Chantal knows her…. but there’s no chance any woman has to get with me by trying to get me. For all intents and purposes I’m completely unattainable except through prayer and luck.

  • Cloud Starchaser

    You know what I mean? It’s like if I want to date Leanne Crow and I know she wants to date me which I can tell using The Shining I might have to get into filmmaking to reach her but I’m doing it to reach a girl I already know I want to be with and girls trying to hi-jack that by showing up before her just isn’t going to happen. Unless I had a kid with the girl already like Lyn-Z, I wouldn’t dump Lyn-Z for Leanne Crow because she’s my babamy wife…. but you get the idea. And I’m not interested in hearing any B.S. from girls. I’m not interested in hearing them say Leanne Crow’s not interested in me when I know she is because I have The Shining and she’s just caught in the matrix like my baby mamas Kim and Beyoncé. I have ZERO INTEREST in hearing any B.S. from any woman at all about whether or not Leanne Crow is really interested in me. NONE. I just have no interest in it! So that’s like….. my Origin as a Filmmaker. It helps to know that I’m Danny Torrance in The Shining so you could know it’s really true.

  • Cloud Starchaser

    It’s kind of like…. if you’re not successful you could be unable to connect with the girls you want to connect with even if they also want to connect with you like how it is with me and Leanne Crow now…. then you might start a project to reach the girls you like such as Leanne Crow but you end up having to date other girls in the meantime to reach the real women you want to reach…. but then you have to be fair and say, “Fair Warning to any actresses who try to date me during my beginning stages here: once I get successful enough to reach her you’re getting dumped for Leanne Crow!” You know what I mean? So they don’t even try it.

  • Cloud Starchaser

    Oh yeah! THAT was the thing about getting into filmmaking to recon House Starchaser…. the random girls you’d like end up working with if you’re doing a low or no budget thing had this real problem of trying to somehow hi-jack my social direction from my primary objective of reaching my animus wife Ashley Arenson and my babamy wives Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé as well as Leanne Crow as well who is Martin’s animus…. YEAH! They REALLY wanted to try and exploit me taking the path of filmmaking to hi-jack me from Ashley, Kim, Beyoncé, and Lele. The only way I’d let someone hi-jack me is if it was maybe another woman I had a kid with like if I’m the father of Bandit and Lyn-Z hi-jacked me it’s OK as I have a daughter with her. But only in that case.

  • Cloud Starchaser

    Anyways I’ll see what I can do about using filmmaking to socially recon House Starchaser… I was getting annoyed before at how random actress type girls always try to hijack your direction. Like my objective is social recon of my babamy wives Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian who I have kids with as well as my animus wife Ashley Arenson. And the other women I have kids with so if Lindsey Ballato is one than her too. I’m not like getting into this to date random actresses who show up to act in this who want to somehow try to steal me from my real family or animus…. that’s not going to happen!

  • Cloud Starchaser

    In Man of Steel Clark Kent/Kal-El is Justin Massler/Cloud Starchaser, Jonathan Kent is Howard Massler, and Martha Kent is Randee Massler.

  • Cloud Starchaser

    My issue with my stepmother Randee Massler is I just totally disagree with her on some major things that are so major. Like the fact that I’m the father of Saint West whose mother is Kim Kardashian means they are my real family so I would never give up on Kim and Randee like said she thought I should just give up on Kim and find some other girl because shadowy forces of darkness are conspiring to keep us apart and that’s something I’d never do. She’s Martha Kent in Man of Steel in which I’m Clark Kent.

  • Cloud Starchaser

    When I saw Guardians of the Galaxy for the first time I was in Washoe County Jail by Reno and I ended up doing like 5 or 6 months on a probation violation.

  • Cloud Starchaser

    What did I think of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie? I thought the first one was great, when I saw it for the first time I was actually in jail and it was on as Jail Movie Night. You can tell people when the real Star-Lord saw Guardians of the Galaxy he was actually in jail in real life and it’s true. I haven’t seen the second one in full yet, I’ll watch it when I get a chance.

  • Cloud Starchaser

    Most Goths dress like The Crow but you can also be a Kingdom Hearts Goth who dresses like Kingdom Hearts.

  • Cloud Starchaser

    Anyways are you a Goth as well? I’m a Goth actually, if I was in Hollywood I’d be in Frances Cobain’s social division with Chantal is in. I’m just a Kingdom Hearts Goth who wears Kingdom Hearts Styles like that of Sora rather than a The Crow Goth who wears styles from The Crow.

  • Cloud Starchaser

    I don’t know that I’m actually Spock in any versions of Star Trek but that’s my core nature is an alien without natural superpowers like Spock and then I just gained superpowers at some point but I didn’t always have them but I was always an alien.

  • Cloud Starchaser

    My actual true nature at core is I’m like an alien without natural superpowers like Spock in a sense. I am an alien but I don’t always have superpowers so my real true nature is something akin to that of Spock.

  • Cloud Starchaser

    I am actually an alien from Angelion but I wouldn’t necessarily have superpowers in all situations like how Kal-El has superpowers from The Sun on Earth but in other situations he might not have superpowers at all.

  • Cloud Starchaser

    People call me “Jesus Christ” which is fair if you can consider my name to be Jesus but they mistakenly think Jesus and Christ are the same thing. In reality Jesus is a guy like Eddie Brock while Christ is an Aeon which bonds to him like Venom’s Symbiote.

  • Cloud Starchaser

    Who I really am which I think Stan Lee gets is I’m The Host of The Christ Aeon. It’s kind of like Venom and The Symbiote where I’m like Eddie Brock and The Christ Aeon is like The Symbiote. Some people think I am The Christ but really Christ is an Aeon and I’m just who Christ bonded with so it’s a part of me now like how The Symbiote became a part of Eddie Brock and he became Venom.

  • Cloud Starchaser

    I think Stan Lee knows who I am. Because you can portray me as almost any character or even intentionally fool people as to who I am where it could be I’m Star-Lord in MCU and then they put in Adam Warlock and people who didn’t know how it worked would think Adam Warlock is The Christ Allegory but really it’s Star-Lord.

  • Cloud Starchaser

    My opinion on Justice League is they should make Booster Gold a main member of it in the movies.

  • Cloud Starchaser

    That’s the character to use as Superman’s love interest, Ms. Gsptlsnz and Brainiac for enemy.

  • Cloud Starchaser

    OK for Superman the main enemy should be Brainiac and his love interest should be Ms. Gsptlsnz. Tell Zack Snyder that’s what the real Man of Steel Kal-El said.

  • Cloud Starchaser

    Next I’ll tell you who Superman’s love interest should be. A cute young female version of Mr. Mxyzptlk but it’s like a chick who’s hot but she’s from The Fifth Dimension like Mr. Mxyzptlk and has similar powers to him. That’s who his love interest should be: like an attractive young female version of Mr. Mxyzptlk.

  • Cloud Starchaser

    Brainiac is Superman’s true nemesis and I continue to see Brainiac in no actual big budget live action Superman films at all. If you can get a message to Zack Snyder from me as I’m Man of Steel Kal-El in real life the message is, “YOU SHOULD USE BRAINIAC AS THE MAIN ANTAGONIST OF THE NEXT MAN OF STEEL.”

  • Cloud Starchaser

    I have no actual opinion on what they should do with Guardians of the Galaxy as I literally never even read it and just knew of Rocket Raccoon before I saw the movie. I have lots of opinions on what they should do with Superman though that Zack Snyder seems uninterested in hearing. First off: Make BRAINIAC the main villain. Enough of General Zod and Lex Luthor. BRAINIAC should be the main villain of an actual Superman film.

  • Cloud Starchaser

    I actually wrote a version of DC in which I was The Joker once. In my version The Joker that was me was an albino with naturally green hair so he was just born looking like The Joker rather than having been created by Batman or the result of some accident in life.

  • Cloud Starchaser

    The girl I had been dating at the time I had done my original Heroic Destiny Squad project was named Michelle. There are two different versions I’ve seen in movies of what happened between me and her. One version is she ran off and left my party after we left The Temple of the Ancient and then was killed by Sephiroth when she was trying to use the Holy Materia to counter the power of Meteor. The other version is she broke up with me in a bar by Harvard when I was just talking too fast and intelligent for her and then I invented Facebook after that. You see me and Michelle are both Cloud Strife and Aeris Gainsborough in Final Fantasy VII as well as Mark Zuckerberg and Erica Albright in The Social Network.

  • Cloud Starchaser

    They want me to be a filmmaker now because I have kids with Kim Kardashian and Miranda Kerr and Beyoncé and it’s a job I can do to be with my family so I’ll do it for that reason.

  • Cloud Starchaser

    Like my actual job I was interested in as a kid was to be a Navy SEAL and I could do it as I’m Yonatan Netanyahu reincarnated and the real Faceman from The A-Team Movie in which Bradley Cooper plays me but I got thrown out of The U.S. Navy for insubordination so it didn’t work out.

  • Cloud Starchaser

    My true calling in life was always being a soldier. And I was Yonatan Netanyahu in my past life and I felt that Yonatan was my role model but then I turned out to be Yonatan reincarnated so I am my own role model. However I went to a year filmmaking course at New York Film Academy in 2004 and worked freelance for a few years from like 2004 – 2006 doing cameraman work and odd jobs at Red Line Studios which is run by Matt Pellowski. But being a soldier was my real passion and I just got into the filmmaking thing after I got thrown out of The Navy which I had joined to become a Navy SEAL for being insubordinate.

  • Cloud Starchaser

    There’s different forms of social awareness and one is you can sense people who are connected to people you know and have a connection to even if you’ve never seen them personally or heard of their names. So I could sense who Ashley Arenson was just through Lindsay Arenson being my Exeter Queen Bee from 10th Grade and Ashley being her sister.

  • Cloud Starchaser

    Anyways I got tired of being with girls who would suddenly abandon me if Chinese Intelligence conspired to come after me for being a Falun Gong Activist so I decided to set off in search of my Animus Wife since your Animus Wife will never abandon you just because Chinese Spies are after you. I found her recently and she’s Ashley Arenson from my high school Phillips Exeter. I knew who Ashley was earlier but I just confirmed she was my Animus recently. I just found her on the Facebook Friends List of a girl I had known of at Exeter…. I never saw her at the actual school at all but I knew who her older sister Lindsay Arenson was so she might have been in my social networks all along over Lindsay Arenson was my main Old Exeter Queen Bee. If a girl’s sister is your High School Queen Bee she’ll be in your social networks even if you have never seen her in real life.

  • Cloud Starchaser

    It doesn’t matter now because I have a Chinese baby and spirit wife now since Priscilla Chan is my babamy wife and Maxima is my daughter but I really did lose my memory of Chinese Intelligence coming after me over focusing on the Falun Gong cause if that’s what really happened….

  • Cloud Starchaser

    Yeah I don’t really remember what happened with the original Heroic Destiny Squad but my ex-girlfriend says Chinese Intelligence came after me in a major way over my doing the activist cause of stopping the persecution of Falun Gong and I somehow lost my memory of what happened….

  • Cloud Starchaser

    My ex-girlfriend says like I lost my memory of what happened but the Chinese Government came after me due to my having focused on the issue of Falun Gong in what I was doing as one of the issues.

  • Cloud Starchaser

    See I was doing proto-types in 2005 and 2006 but I ran into too much real combat and the project got wiped out in real social combat.

  • Cloud Starchaser

    My film style is like from Anime and Manga and Japanese films from Anime and Manga.

  • Cloud Starchaser

    Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children is a CGI Movie that came from the concept of Final Fantasy VII which is a JRPG. That’s like the closest example I can think of to what it would be if I were a filmmaker. It was tough to get anywhere because my artistic inspirations are completely from Japan.

  • Cloud Starchaser

    See I could be as good a director as Tetsuya Nomura but in live action but like… I had a hard time getting anywhere in film because my style is really Japanese but then it’s not even from Japanese film, it’s like movies that came from Japanese Video Games like Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children kind of.

  • Cloud Starchaser

    Like if I have a legitimate no-budget project I need volunteers for that’s a start to like a campaign that will result in real gains in the end that’s legitimate. Just like my work is not to go for commercial success in the end but to unite House Starchaser and then the people can get paid by Kim and Zuck who have plenty of money to reimburse the initial volunteers.

  • Cloud Starchaser

    Anyways what I’m saying is I could be a good filmmaker and they want me to do that so that my babamy wives can reach me by me being successful in Hollywood a normal way but like I had to clear it that like I’m making films to connect House Starchaser rather than for commercial appeal so the future money is coming from the members of House Starchaser who have money who are cut off from me socially like Kim Kardashian and Mark Zuckerberg.

  • Cloud Starchaser

    What I hated about the world was it was so corrupt they always set you up with chicks you weren’t interested in and you couldn’t date the chicks you liked. And it’s not even by like public opinion of hotness. I think Chantal Claret is really hot and I’d date her but I’m so NOT into Scarlett Johansson and it’s like they don’t want you to date a girl you like such as Chantal but they think it’s OK to set you up with a girl you’re not interested in like Scarlett just because she’s popular with other guys and that’s like not OK. You can’t just force a girl on a guy he’s not into and justify it by saying other guys want her if he doesn’t.

  • Cloud Starchaser

    Also I was literally living homeless in Los Angeles for extended periods of time where I was like sleeping on buses or the sidewalk or benches on The Pacific Palisades like at the same time I had kids with all these celebrities and was secretly Jesus Christ and the real Man of Steel Superman so now any time you pass a homeless guy on the street you could wonder if he’s really Green Lantern and the father of some supermodel’s child because that actually happened once.